Monday, March 30, 2015

Harry Reid: An Example of Why Term Limits are Needed in Congress

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If there is to be an icon, a testament, for limited terms for congressional members, Harry Reid is the poster boy. To many it is a good riddance attitude that Reid is stepping down and retiring. But for Paul Kane at the Washington Post, it is as if Reid has passed away and Kane was giving an eulogy.

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Harry Reid has been a US Senator for the state of Nevada for 28 years. He has been involved in a number of serious ethics scandals – but his district voted for him continuously. He has been a lackey for the Obama Crime Family, supporting unconstitutional and unlawful immigration “reform” providing criminal aliens a path to citizenship. He used his influence to ensure that the socialist program called the Affordable Care Act, infamously known as Obamacare, in 2010.

As Kane pointed out …
Harry M. Reid, the amateur boxer from a tiny mining town who clawed his way to the top of the national political ladder in Washington, never showed any sign of fear.
He never showed a sign that he respected and/or intended to abide by his oath when it came to the articles and amendments of the Constitution either.
After 28 years in the Senate, including eight as majority leader, Reid has more scars from political and legislative combat than any other serving senator.Reid said that the decision to retire at the end of 2016 wasn’t about his health, even though he is still trying to fully recover sight in his right eye. … Instead, Reid, 75, said he feared growing so old that his skills would begin to fade and his legacy would be tarnished.
Apparently Reid is senile because he has either no concept or selective memory loss of a tarnished, corrupt career with his boxer-bully mentality and support of corrupt politicians.
Kane goes on to brag that Reid helped Obama pass an $800 billion economic stimulus that only 'stimulated' special interest groups and at the same time already pushed the US further in national debt that Obama has produced since 2009 after promising to do better than GW Bush.
Reid pushed the Dodd-Frank bill that rewrote Wall Street regulations while at the same time catering to the big money that Democrats depend so much upon, along with the Unions.
Of course, Reid is a rags-to-riches story that Kane plays upon …
The son of a miner and a mother who washed clothes at a brothel, Reid grew up in a shack without plumbing. Local businessmen helped pay for his college tuition at Utah State University, and, after getting acceted into George Washington University Law School, he worked his way through to a law degree by serving as a Capitol Police officer. His father killed himself in 1972.
Of course, in this bloated biography, Kane spins the 'gaffes' Reid made calling them “statements”. Reid's most infamous was a false accusation that Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes and proclaiming that the US lost the war in Iraq. The man never had pride in his country or the people in it – just his Democrat crime family and close cronies. His animosity towards the GOP was more than just political differences, it was shear hatefulness. He expected everyone to compromise except himself. He publicly, and falsely, called GW Bush a “liar' and told a high school class in Las Vegas that Bush was a loser. Being a demagogue to the mainstream bias media, all of that was sugared over.
Of course, the love and infatuation with Senator Reid is nothing new, as Newsbusters demonstrates with a copy of a Kane Tweet. At one point compares Reid with Mark Twain's characters Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. Not likely and insult to Twain, who detested politicians in general and looked upon them as many do lawyers - untrustworthy.
But so it goes with propagandists, experienced at making evil look the savior of the world.
NBC gave the same stomach churning rhetoric. NBC is also being sued for slandering the Tannerite.

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