Monday, March 16, 2015

Insanity of the Obama Amnesty

How long has the federal government blamed the 'Baby Boom' generation for the looming 'bankruptcy' of Social Security?  They, like everyone since its inception have paid into the system all their working lives with hopes of surviving old age.
The same people who have pointed the blame in the wrong direction failed to consider how many cases of fraud has been discovered - from the federal government itself to fraudulent receipt of benefit funds.
Maggie's Notebook has pointed out what I had mentioned in other articles: Obama's amnesty is not only rewarding invaders who unlawfully crossed our border, but ignoring those who have violated another federal law: fraudulent documentation and theft of social security numbers. That means that those that have been illegally awarded amnesty will be collecting Social Security from a fund that the feds have been complaining is short of required balance. Reagan was so very correct: Government IS the problem. More specifically, those operating OUR government.
The Obama corruption machine is like a run away train towards the abyss.

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