Sunday, March 15, 2015

14 States Counter Against the 26 State Illegal Amnesty Injunction

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Remember this statement made by Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Soetro, who was a senator running for the office of president in 2008, made at the Townhall in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on March 31, 2008? …
The biggest problems that we're facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all, and that's what I intend to reverse when I'm President of the United States of America.
Or how about the following statements:
  • ABC News 3/31/2008 … I take the Constitution very seriously. The biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with [the president] trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m President of the United States of America.
  • Real Clear Politics, 5/19/2008 … We’ve got a government designed by the Founders so that there’d be checks and balances. You don’t want a president who’s too powerful or a Congress that’s too powerful or a court that’s too powerful. Everybody’s got their own role. Congress’s job is to pass legislation. The president can veto it or he can sign it. … I believe in the Constitution and I will obey the Constitution of the United States. We're not going to use signing statements as a way of doing an end-run around Congress.
  •, 7/1/2010 … There are those in the immigrants’ rights community who have argued passionately that we should simply provide those who are [here] illegally with legal status, or at least ignore the laws on the books and put an end to deportation until we have better laws. ... I believe such an indiscriminate approach would be both unwise and unfair. It would suggest to those thinking about coming here illegally that there will be no repercussions for such a decision. And this could lead to a surge in more illegal immigration. And it would also ignore the millions of people around the world who are waiting in line to come here legally. Ultimately, our nation, like all nations, has the right and obligation to control its borders and set laws for residency and citizenship. And no matter how decent they are, no matter their reasons, the 11 million who broke these laws should be held accountable.
  • Los Angeles Times, 10/25/2010 … I am president, I am not king. I can't do these things just by myself. We have a system of government that requires the Congress to work with the Executive Branch to make it happen. I'm committed to making it happen, but I've got to have some partners to do it. … The main thing we have to do to stop deportations is to change the laws. … The most important thing that we can do is to change the law because the way the system works – again, I just want to repeat, I'm president, I'm not king. If Congress has laws on the books that says that people who are here who are not documented have to be deported, then I can exercise some flexibility in terms of where we deploy our resources, to focus on people who are really causing problems as a opposed to families who are just trying to work and support themselves. But there's a limit to the discretion that I can show because I am obliged to execute the law. That's what the Executive Branch means. I can't just make the laws up by myself. So the most important thing that we can do is focus on changing the underlying laws.
  •, Miami Dade College Commencement Address, 4/29/2011 … I know some here wish that I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself. But that’s not how democracy works. See, democracy is hard. But it’s right. Changing our laws means doing the hard work of changing minds and changing votes, one by one.
  •, speech to National Council of La Raza, 7/25/2011 … I swore an oath to uphold the laws on the books …. Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own. Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you. Not just on immigration reform. But that's not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That's not how our Constitution is written.
Moonbattery, March 13, 2015 …as recently as 1993, even Harry Reid considered the USA a sovereign country with a right to control its borders from foreign incursion. … Reid took to the Senate floor at the time and declared that “no sane country” would “offer a reward” for “illegal aliens.”

There are 14 states that want illegal immigrants to come to their state in order to 'help the economy'. The attorney generals from those 14 states as well as the District of Columbia is attempting to remove the injunction that has stopped President Obama from implementing his illegal immigration plan, bypassing Congress as he so often stated he cannot do. The injunction was brought about by the state of Texas and 25 other states. The gang of 14 attorney generals represent California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Vermont, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. Notice how many New England states agree to the unconstitutional action of Obama and company – states that founded and ratified the US Constitution and its amendments.
California has come to near bankruptcy because of illegal immigrants, and the California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, has this to say about the injunction:
President Obama has proposed common sense actions that will help fix our broken immigration system and enhance California’s economy and public safety. With over one million hard-working Californians eligible for deferred action, our state has a major stake in the successful implementation of the President’s immigration actions. I wholeheartedly join my colleagues in urging the Fifth Circuit to issue a stay so that California families can immediately begin to come out from under the shadows and enjoy the American Dream.
In one week, 2,059 of those illegal immigrants have been arrested for crimes that include child pornography, robbery, manslaughter, robbery, and rape. People like these will be included in the Obama amnesty sweep and will be receiving benefits for their unlawful act of illegal entry, some with fraudulent identification, both federal crimes.

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