Friday, May 20, 2011

Kagan: "This needs to be coordinated. Tracy you should not say anything about this before talking to me." We are reminded of the adage that if you tell the truth you never have to get your story straight or be "coordinated."

Investor's Business Daily
May 19, 2011

Health Care: The president's former solicitor general may have been knee-deep in organizing the legal defense of ObamaCare. Maybe that's why she was picked for a Supreme Court that will determine its constitutionality.

Those who wondered about the motives behind the recent call from 74 congressional Democrats, led by Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from any cases involving ObamaCare may now have their answer.

On Wednesday, the activist watchdog group Judicial Watch announced it has obtained documents suggesting Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan helped coordinate the Obama administration's legal defense of the Affordable Care Act while she served as solicitor general.

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