Monday, May 30, 2011

O4P CA: Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the ideal time to take a look at America today, a look at America’s days gone by, and a look into America’s days to come.

Today we are called upon once again to solve the challenges, the problems, and the trials facing our country.

As Americans we are free to take the initiative, to strike, and to use our vision and our talents to solve America’s problems on our own.

This freedom has been given to us by our country’s women and men in uniform who have served our nation and our nation’s interests abroad.

Specifically, we are beholden to those who have died so that we may remain free.

Our legacy of freedom is both durable and delicate. Current events across the globe call attention to the truth that our Liberty is scarce, and our America is exceptional.

This Memorial Day 2011 Organize4Palin California would like to pay homage and give glory to the fearless heroic Americans who gave all serving their country.

Let us show respect and appreciation for their sacrifice. Let us restore our boldness and decidedness against our aggressors. Let us renew our wisdom to defend and secure our freedoms; and let us revive our spirit of helpful understanding to champion enduring harmony all over the World.

Happy Memorial Day from Organize4Palin (O4P) CA

Thomas S Schmitz
(O4P) CA Coordinator

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