Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Palin Takes on Peter Schweizer As Her Foreign Policy Adviser

By J. E. Dyer
May 3, 2011

Politics being a funny beast, we tend to readily accept the idea of a retired state governor, sometime pundit, and non-candidate for president having a “foreign policy adviser.”  Ben Smith of Politico reportsPeter Schweizer, who wrote two seminal volumes on Reagan’s handling of the Cold War (Victory and Reagan’s War), and writes at Breitbart’s Big Peace.  (H/t: Israpundit) that Palin this weekend unloaded what he calls the “neocon” advisers who have been with her since the 2008 campaign (when she was assigned them by the McCain organization), in favor of Hoover fellow and political author

This is informative news – and on the whole, good news.  As Israpundit observes, Palin outlined a doctrine for the use of force in her speech to military families in Denver Monday evening (2 May).  He quotes the following passage:

[Ed.  This article is getting a lot of traffic at HotAir, so if the link fails to work, just keep trying.  Well worth reading.]

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