Monday, May 2, 2011

The Devil Fears Palin & Other Trig Truther Misogyny

By @TwoLegsGood

John Nolte did an excellent deconstruction of the illogic used by Andrew Sullivan and other Palin haters today: "MSM USES PALIN'S OWN CHILDREN AS POLITICAL WEAPONS AGAINST HER"

As I was reading, I was thinking how much I appreciated his work in trying to sift down and extract their basic attack arguments. But there was a sense Nolte had touched on and missed one essential question about Palin Derangement Syndrome in regards to the Trig Truthers:


Why are Sullivan and the Trig Truthers so offended over the fact the Governor gave birth to Trig?

It's easy. It's the biggest moneymaking Leftwing issue (and spiritual abomination) ever:


Sarah Palin and her son Trig are a walking testimony for Christ and the Pro Life movement simply BECAUSE she gave birth to him, simply because she didn't have an abortion. Just the sight of Sarah Palin with her baby boy is a reminder of that.

So if the Left can somehow make it out Sarah Palin is lying about giving birth to Trig, they are free of the power of her Christianity and her Pro Life Testimony.

Nolte came close to this brand of hatred of Palin by bringing the Devil into the discussion: "... the greatest trick the Devil ever played was in convincing us he didn’t exist..." but every Christian Palinista understands implicitly this is an anti-Christian hate for Sarah Palin.

That's why it's so irrational. "Palin-Fury" has to do with Christ.

I once was pastored about the origins of misogyny in the world:

"The Devil specifically hated Mary because of Genesis 3:15, but in general the Devil hates women because of their ability to create life in the womb; the Miracle of life is something he cannot replicate."

This is why Sullivan and the antiChrist Left are "womb-obsessed" with Sarah Palin: it's a spiritual fight. This is also why they see Trig as a "political prop" -- their politicized views of abortion are the subtext for their hate --

Trig represents the glory and plainsong goodness of ProLife Christianity.

I know this will sound sappy, but according to Jesus, Sullivan needs our prayers ("Pray for your enemies and bless those who wickedly curse you") and then Sullivan's hate needs to be disentangled and deconstructed for the craftiness of his ridiculous arguments -- as Nolte has started to do.

But by understanding Trig Trutherism is actually a contorted debate about abortion, Sullivan can be effectively defanged.

The questions now need to be asked of the Trig Truthers who try to morph the politically dead abortion debate into some strange antiChristian attack on Sarah Palin. Would they have preferred Sarah Palin aborted Trig or perhaps just murder him now? How would they suggest Sarah Palin hold her little toddler when she happens to be in the public eye? Which hip should she straddle Trig on, so as not to be accused of using him for some political gain?

I said it before but I'll say it again. My step-niece has Down's. The sweet tenderheartedness she brings into the family is an amazing gift of God. She is proof of God's love, she is evidence of Heaven.

Trig is a testimony of God's love -- and the Left can put their hands over their ears and scream and pitch all they want but the facts remain...

Sarah Palin isn't using Trig as a political prop, God is using Trig as a spiritual reminder.