Sunday, May 1, 2011


Bin Laden Is Dead! Bin Laden Is Dead! Bin Laden Is Dead! Goodbye!

Can't repeat that sentiment often enough.

Fox News is reporting that Bin Laden was killed a week ago by a US missile. If true, we have our military to thank.The military has Bin Laden's body.

Mark my words. The delayed timing of this news may explain Obama's decision this week to move Gen. Petraeus to the CIA and Leon Panetta to the Department of Defense. With Bin Laden dead, perhaps our naive president will attempt to claim that America's war with radical Islamists is over. If Obama does, Panetta is likely to attempt to drastically cut the military. I suspect Petraeus would argue against such a decision, knowing full well that the war will continue without Bin Laden's direct influence.

[Update:  Obama has finally gone on camera (1 hour late) to make the announcement. Wait a minute!  Obama said Bin Laden was killed TODAY. This doesn't jive with other media reports. No video re-runs ready yet to transcribe Obama's remarks.]

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  1. Visit "drkatesview" thread "Chess Moves by the CIA" and scroll down to the poster "Juliezzz" that shows a chilling photoshopping of an anonymous corpse into one seen in some places on the web as "dead UBL".

    Makes ya' kinda' wonder if these Oligarchs would lie, huh???