Monday, May 9, 2011

Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate Confirmed As A Fraud

There have been many people investigating Obama's birth certificate image which the White House published on its website, and they are all singing the same chorus.  At the very least, the image has been manipulated. At the very worst, it is an outright fraud.  In addition to the links provided below, you should also search for videos on YouTube, where you'll find quite a number of demonstrations of how the document was altered.

The question everyone should be asking Barack Obama, The Hawaii Department of Health, and the media, is WHY?

• Hawaii detective charges: 'Birth certificate' a fraud
• Obama birth certificate linked to previous 'forgery'?
• Web expert: Obama certificate falls short in authenticity
• Scrubbed again! Obama's hospital doctor changed
• The birth certificate debate - it's not over

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