Thursday, November 6, 2014

Keith Koffler: "Much Ado About Nothing"

Yes, Keith Koffler has a valid point about the Republican election victory, not very impressed, based on previous times the GOP had the majority, it is an atmosphere of 'we'll see what happens' – hoping that Republicans will follow their previous promises of true reform, reinstatement of of limited powers, and get rid of income tax/IRS. One cannot blame him for such pessimism.
Koffler wrote:
Republicans won on Election Day without a serious conservative agenda, relying on anger toward President Obama and his policies. … So now, Republicans will think they can cruise to victory in 2016 by nominating the Anti-Obama and bashing his presidency, while knotting Hillary and Barack together. It might work, but it has less chance of succeeding than a positive agenda. … This country is in major deep doodoo. We’ve come down with a bad case of $17-trillion debt; government is overspending and over regulating, relentlessly expanding its purview over our lives; the entitlement programs need painful reforms; taxes are too high, especially for corporations; people are refusing to work; the able-bodied are getting welfare without consequences or work requirements; the immigration rate is too high to absorb new arrivals without diluting our culture; Obamacare is spurring even more government control while destroying our health system; and we face external threats that will require reversing Obama’s withdrawal from the world. The list continues.
John Boehner, presidential butt kicker is still Majority Leader of the House – and will Mitch McConnell do what his constituents hope for in the Senate. President Obama announced yesterday that he will 'negotiate' with the new majority, consider 'workable' solutions for 'fixing' Obamacare – but will never sign a bill into legislation that will repeal the Affordable Health Care Act.
Koffler concluded in his article …
Meanwhile, with the majorities Republicans have, they still can’t pass anything in the Senate, where 60 votes are needed, and Obama will veto whatever they might get through. … What happened Tuesday, for conservatives, is hardly thrilling. Even, it’s a mirage, a deception, a soulless victory that will only delay – and by delaying, worsen – the day of reckoning with our problems. Assuming, of course, that our problems will be solvable by then.
  As the race card baiters love to say – the outdated ideas of those 'old white men' – clearly a racist remark coming from people that continually cry racism at every turn of conversation that is against their indoctrination; and clearly being a parroted phrase of the indoctrinated socialist peasantry.
Some Americans, after so many disappointments, just do not want to set themselves up for more major disappointments, as they watch the constitutional republic dissolve into what has never worked in other countries, been experimented with by social engineers, just prolonging the inevitable as society continues to believe that family values, social ethics, and common sense morality are all pass
Pay attention to the things Democrats say and how they act when they lose … then compare to what Republicans or conservatives act and say when they lose. Just a part of their mantra, where they believe the people must do as they say, not what they do – and the peasants should ignore truth.
One who has hoped that We the People can turn things around by ensuring that those operating our government do their job and abide by their oaths of office; knows that without reformation of the People, their is no reformation of the government. Thanks to federal control of our educational institutions with administers from the Hippie culture who have become the 'establishment' they protested against in the 1970s - We the People must ensure that we become self-educated when it comes to the Constitution and what it takes to keep the republic.
Recent FBI report indicate part of the problem with government-controlled health care and those who work the system with fraud and deception. When bureaucracy grows, so does corruption.

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