Sunday, November 2, 2014

Big Government and Voting

Daniel Mitchell concerning the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)...
Consider these horror stories.
o Confiscating a plastic hammer from a mentally retarded man.
o Detaining a woman for carrying breast milk.
o Hassling a woman for the unexplained red flag of having sequentially numbered checks.
o Demanding that a handicapped 4-year old boy walk through a metal detector without his leg braces.
o Putting an 8-year old cub scout on the no-fly list.
o Stopping a teenager from flying because her purse had an image of a gun.

TSA has become labeled as the 'Keystone Cops' made up of illiterate people that do not look upon themselves as the servant of the people, but instead overlord of the peasants ...
Award-winning videographer Sean Malone had a raygun belt buckle confiscated recently by the good folks at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)….Malone emails that the pinch happened at LAX: …They called it a “replica” of a weapon…. the guy said, “Yeah, there’s something in there that’s kind of shaped like a gun,” to which I replied, “Yeah. It’s a belt buckle.”… He pulled it out of the bag and looked at it. Yep. Belt buckle….he called his supervisor over, who…said, “Listen, you can either go back out of security and put this in your check luggage (which I don’t have), or we’ll confiscate it.” …I looked at her and said, “You understand that this is a belt buckle, right? It is not a danger to the safety of anyone nor is it against the law to carry….At this point, she got red in the face and loudly declared that she wasn’t going to argue with me or “have a debate about this”.
 Daniel Mitchell ...
Reminds me of the time I was given a bottle of 100 percent maple syrup as my honorarium for giving a speech in New Hampshire, yet was forced to leave it at the airport because the TSA bureaucrats said my only other choice was to check my bag (which would have cost $25).
 This is why I refuse to fly anywhere.

On voting

Kevin McCullough ... 
When a person of faith rejects the civil opportunity, and the moral obligation of casting a vote, they always advance evil in the process.
Derek Hunter ...
Look, I’m not going to lie to you – your vote matters. But let’s be honest, there are Republicans on the ballot who aren’t very conservative. Most of them don’t agree with me on everything and surely don’t agree with you on everything. In fact, many of them are downright awful. ...  A message must be sent: We conservatives could not beat all the people we don’t like in the primary, so we’re not going to vote. ... Look, if conservatives don’t draw a line in 2014, when will it be drawn? ... Tuesday, go vote. ... Send a message that you are not a moody, unreliable person who will take your ball and go home if you don’t get your way, but that you accept your party’s primary decision. It’s a decision you don’t like. It’s a decision you’ll fight in the next primary if necessary. But for the good of the country, you’ll live in “now” and work for the future. Anything else is a vote for progressives, and anyone who does that is no conservative

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