Friday, November 28, 2014

Congressional Recess: Has Republicans Skipped Out Without Resolving Issues?

In 2011, in a speech at the racist organization National Council of La Raza, BH Obama stated:
Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you. But that's how our system works. That's how our democracy functions. That's not how our Constitution is written.
Republicans left Washington DC for the Thanksgiving break, never taking any action to stop Obama's illegal amnesty order, something he said he could not legally do in 2011. But that was when he had eyes on reelection in 2012.
Meanwhile, Obama announced Defense Secretary Hagel's resignation, the only Republican in Obama's cabinet after serving two years. There are hints that he was asked to do so by Obama. He will remain in office until his replacement is appointed.
According Jason Easley at Politicus USA (Real Liberal Politics):
The record of failure and shame continues to grow for House Republicans as they have passed fewer laws than last year’s do nothing Congress and left town sooner than any Congress since 1960. According to Nancy Pelosi’s office, “Up until now, the 112th Congress had the record as the most unproductive in modern history. However, due to the obstruction and intransigence of Republicans in both the House and Senate, the 113th Congress is on track to beating that record. As of today, the 113th Congress has enacted only 163 laws – even fewer than what the unproductive 112th Congress had produced by this date. As a result, Americans’ confidence in Congress has fallen to a historic low of 7 percent.”
Nancy Pelosi is also the one that denies knowing the architect of Obamacare (and Romneycare) and who stated that the Affordable Health Care Act should be passed in order to see what's in it. She also failed to mention in her accusation that the poor performance of Congress occurred during a period of Democrats having majority in the Senate. What she is saying is that nothing was accomplished because of GOP congresspeople, which really states that the Democrat bills didn't pass because Republicans weren't doing their job by agreeing with the executive administration and their counterparts in Congress.
During the five-week recess of Congress, President Obama will continue to do his damage. Obama stated in his weekly address in August 2014:
House Republicans actually got together this week and voted to sue me for taking actions on my own. And then they left town for the month without settling a bunch of unfinished business that matters to working families across America.
He is referring to the fact that the GOP pulled from the floor legislation allocating $659 million to respond to the surge of unaccompanied minors from Central America across the Texas border. Originally the president asked for $3.7 billion.
By the time House leaders revamped the legislation and rounded up enough votes to pass it Friday, the Senate had already left town, leaving Obama’s request for supplemental spending unmet until at least September.
Nothing was mentioned about the Fair Tax Act that has languished in Congress for years without any action taken. The same Democrat accusations against GOP in Congress back in August are now renewed in November.
The lame duck Congress left Washington for the Thanksgiving break without taking care of any of their to-do list for the rest of the year, including passing a spending bill to fund the government past Dec. 11 or approve "tax extenders" that maintain provisions favored by many industries. There is also the matter of extending the government's terrorist attack insurance program that expires on Dec. 31 and is currently caught up in a bitter fight between House Republicans and Senate Democrats. There are now just eight working days for Congress before government funding runs out. And President Barack Obama's unilateral move on immigration scrambled the calculus for how Congress avoids a Christmas season government shutdown. Republicans left town pledging to fight the president's action but with absolutely no agreement on how to do so.
Meanwhile, mainstream media manipulates information in favor of the Obama executive order.

Obama held back on his amnesty action until after the election – knowing also it would be time for holiday recess. Democrats may have a socialist agenda, use unethical tactics, blame everything and every one, and lie a lot – but they are not stupid.
While all this mess is unfolding, the White House Chief of Staff delivers his weekly message in Spanish and US border activity of illegal crossings surges. Does that surprise anyone who thinks for themselves and has been keeping tabs on what is REALLY going on? 
Are the Republicans going to continue their historical failure as a political majority? We cannot know until they actually become the majority in 2015.  It is apparent that the Democrats are more concerned with Republicans leaving on recess without "doing their job" than it is that their fellow Democrat, the President, is in the process of doing what he said he could not do legally in 2011. But that's okay because the Constitution is "a living, flexible document written by old white men, so it is outdated". 
There is Danger from all Men. The only Maxim of a free Government, ought to be to trust no Man living, with Power to endanger the public Liberty. -- John Adams, Revolutionary Writings, 1755-1775; page 215.

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