Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Breaking: GOP Wins US Senate Seats

The GOP has won the majority of seats in the US Senate, winning in West Virginia, Montana, South Dakota, Colorado, Arkansas, and Iowa that Democrats previously held as the political majority. Wisconsin, who became an Obama state in 2008 and 2012, is going to be a close win for Governor Scott Walker if the final results indicate he won. Senator Mitch McConnell will become the new Senate Majority Leader.
Let us, with hope of the beginning of true reformation, especially in the Congress, uses its majority wisely.

For example, Governor Walker did what he stated in his original campaign for governor of Wisconsin, but failed to repair the damage done to equal rights and the outrageous 38% hike in state government fees. Governor Doyle signed a bill that became legislation against property rights that mandated that Wisconsin restaurants, bars, pubs, motels and hotels could not allow their customers to smoke tobacco products on their premises (whether owners want them to or not, or set up designated smoking/nonsmoking areas) – clearly transgression against freedom of choice for business owners and their property rights. Despite requests that Walker convince the state assembly to repeal that unconstitutional law – it was never accomplished. But Walker and GOP did accomplish passing the conceal-carry permit law and repealing the ridiculous law that forbade archery hunters to use crossbows. In addition, Walker and company provided a better atmosphere for businesses, which in turn has boosted the economy and employment status of the state of Wisconsin. Scott Walker is also on a list for possible candidates for presidential election 2016.
In Washington DC … we will now see if Obama will use his unconstitutional, declared “executive powers” to enact unconstitutional mandates, and executive orders that override immigration laws and policies.
The wave of hope for the return of the constitutional republic is here, once again, many hope the GOP will not blow it like they did in previous periods of majority rule. The People will once again see a wave of negative reporting and accusations, not seen against Obama and cohorts, begin as the media exercises its political bias and manipulating.
This Friday, President Obama is supposed to meet  with leadership from the House and Senate at the White House, some believing that Obama is actually going to start engaging with Congress on matters of import. Too little, too late, Mr. President.
And what does the Democrats, like Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina say about their political club's loss? It all has to do with a lot of people oppose President Obama out of racism.
Keith Koffler wrote:
Let’s be clear about a couple of things. Yes, there are a certain number of people who oppose Obama out of racism. But there is no proof this is a pervasive problem – that it’s “a lot of people.” To the contrary, the perfervid, [sic] even feverish support among among those on the right for a host of charismatic and accomplished black conservative leaders suggests racism does not animate Republicans. To suggest that there is something inherently racist about conservatives is blasphemy coming from Democrats, the  Party that long hosted big-government Southern – and other – racists, and even had a former Ku Klux Klan member, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, as its leader in the Senate not too long ago. Byrd, whose appetite for federal pork amounted practically to an attempt to move the federal government to West Virginia, is as far from a conservative as one could get. This is not moral outrage from Mr. Clyburn and Ms. Landrieu. This is cynical get-out-the-vote politics, a desperate effort by desperate Democratic leaders to move African Americans to the polls.
One can tell when Democrats become desperate – their banter becomes more viscous than usual and least sensible.
Here is the usual Democrat tirade Clyburn showing his ignorance or lying about the ineptness of Obama …
Democrats lost, according to them, because they did not support and standby his policies; which they say was successful when statistics and facts prove differently.
As of now …
Republicans have 52 in Senate, versus 43; 30 GOP governors versus 14 (those states bankrupt and tax ridden); and 237 GOP in the House vs. 161.

Here in Wisconsin, Scott Walker leads by 52.3% as governor, Brad Schimel (R) leads by 51.6% as Attorney General, Doug La Follette (D) for Secretary of State at 50%; Matt Adamczyk [R] at 48.8%; US House, District 1: Paul Ryan (R) at 63.5%; US House, District 2, Mark Pocan (D) at 68.5%; US House, District 3: Ron Kind (D) at 56.7%; US House District 4: Gwen Moore (D) at 70.3%; US House District 5: James Sensenbrenner [R] at 69.5%; US House District 6: Glenn Grothman [R] at 56.8%; US House District 7: Sean Duffy [R] at 59.2%; US House District 8: Reid Ribble [R] at 65.1%; State Senate District 1: Frank Lasee [R] at 61.5%; State Senate District 5: Leah Vukmir [R] at 73.6%; State Senate District 7: Chris Larson [D] at 59.6%; State Senate District: Devin Lemahieu [R] at 60.0%; State Senate District 11: Steve Nass [R] at 62.3%; State Senate District 13: Scott Fitzgerald [R] at 62.7%; State Senate District 15: Janis Ringhand [D] at 59.5%; State Senate District 17: Howard Marklein [R] at 55.1%; State Senate District 19: Roger Roth [R] at 57.2%; State Senate District 21: Van Wanggaard [R] at 62.5%; State Senate District 23: Terry Moulton [R] at 61.1%; State District 25: Janet Bewley [D] at 51.3%; State Senate District 29: Jerry Petrowski [R] at 65.7%; State Senate District 31: Kathleen Vinehout [D] at 52.4%; State Senate District 33: Paul Farrow [R] at 73.9%; State Assembly District 1: Joel Kitchens [R] at 56.8%; State Assembly District 4: David Steffen [R] at 59.1%; State Assembly District 5: Jim Steineke [R] at 62.4%; State Assembly District 7: Daniel Riemer [D] at 55.7%; State Assembly District 8: Jocasta Zamarripa [D] at 80.2%; State Assembly District 15: Joe Sanfelippo [R] at 63.0%; State Assembly District 17: La Tonya Johnson [D] at 87.5%; State Assembly District 19: Jonathan Brostoff [D] at 82.1%; State Assembly District 20: Christine Sinicki [D] at 56.1%; State Assembly District 22: Janel Brandtjen [R] at 70.1%; State Assembly District 23: Jim Ott [R] at 63.5%; State Assembly District 26: Terry Katsma [R] at 61.3%; State Assembly District 27: Tyler Vorpagel [R] at 63.9%; State Assembly District 28: Adam Jarchow [R] at 62.2%; State Assembly District 30: Dean Knudson [R] 59.7%; State Assembly District 32: Tyler August [R] at 65.9%; State Assembly District 37: John Jagler [R] at 58.9%; State Assembly District 38: Joel Kleefisch [R] at 63.0%; State Assembly District 39: Mark L. Born [R] at 73.8%; State Assembly District 41: Joan Ballweg [R] at 61.2%; State Assembly District 42: Keith Ripp [R] at 57.5%; State Assembly District 43: Andy Jorgensen [D] at 59.8%; State Assembly District 44: Debra Kolste [D] – opponent withdrew – at 68.0%; State Assembly District 47: Robb Kahl [D] at 81.6%; State Assembly District 49: Travis Tranel [R] at 61.3%; State Assembly District 50: Ed Brooks [R] at 57.8%; State Assembly District 51: Todd Novak [R] at 47.5%; State Assembly District 54: Gordon Hintz [D] at 51.5%; State Assembly District 55: Mike Rohrkaste [R] at 57.8%; State Assembly District 57: Amanda Stuck [D] at 53.9%; State Assembly District 63: Robin Vos [R] at 64.9%; State Assembly District 66: Cory Mason [D] at 81.3%; State Assembly District 67: Tom Larson [R] at 60.6%; State Assembly District 68: Kathy Bernier [R] at 52.8%; State Assembly District 69: Bob Kulp [R] at 68.9%; State Assembly District 70: Nancy VanderMeer [R] at 52.8%; State Assembly 72: Scott Krug [R] at 56.1%; State Assembly District 74: Beth Meyers [D] at 57.4%; State Assembly District 75: Romaine Robert Quinn [R] at 54.9%; State Assembly District 79: Dianne Hesselbein [D] at 62.3%; State Assembly District 81: Dave Considine [D] at 54.2%; State Assembly District 83: Dave Craig [R] at 73.1%; State Assembly District 85: Dave Heaton [R] at 50.2%; State Assembly District 86: John Spiros [R] at 62.5%; State Assembly District 87: James W. Edming [R] at 66.3%; State Assembly District 88: John Macco [R] 56.3%; State Assembly District 90: Eric Genrich [D] at 55.0%; State Assembly District 92: Chris Danou [D] at 56.6%; State Assembly 93: Warren Petryk [R] at 55.4%; State Assembly District 94: Steve Doyle [D] at 54.1%; State Assembly District 96: Lee Nerison [R] at 59.1%; State Assembly District 99: Chris Kapenga [R] at 77.9%. 
Steve Delarwelle won election as Door County Sheriff. 
No Constitution Party, Socialist Party, Green Party, or Libertarian Party candidates won. The traditional two-party political monopolies continue their political reign.
An interesting observation: the majority of Democrats who won election in Wisconsin are female. Some female Republicans won against female Democrats.
And what did the infamous mouthpiece for American progressive socialism say about Scott Walker winning?
PS: Unless you want to be on their email list, Daily Beast conveniently forces those who wish to comment on their articles to register with email and password. As manipulative a media as too many these days. The same people whine about freedom of speech. Another crazy factor about the Daily Beast is that it actually accuses conservatives of being socialists!