Monday, November 3, 2014

Hillary Could Win in 2016

One would think that voters would not vote for Hillary after her botched tenure as Secretary of State (and her infamous record as a senator) ... but think again ...
Keith Koffler wrote:
President Obama’s upcoming unilateral legalization of millions of illegal immigrants is not just about amnesty, changing the culture, encouraging future illegal immigration, and so forth. ...
According to a study by two researchers at Old Dominion University, approximately 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in in 2008, and 2.2 percent voted in 2010. And of course, non-citizens vote overwhelmingly Democratic

Why do you think the vote was so close in the election of 2012 (besides voting fraud)? Think of it this way. The number is more than enough to have swung the 2008 Minnesota Senate election to Democrat Al Franken, who won by 312 votes. If Franken had lost, Obama would not have had the 50th vote he needed to pass Obamacare.
 Remember the infamous Florida recount?
In some states, the driver’s license and voter registration application are on the same form, and the applicant simply signs. In small print, the form says applicants acknowledge they are U.S. citizens. In other states, voter registration is a separate form and applicants check a box.
In either case, once signed, the forms are automatically sent to the county or state registrar of voters, and the name is added to voter rolls. State DMV officials are not required to authenticate citizenship.
 ONLY FOUR STATES REQUIRE PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP TO REGISTER TO VOTE: Kansas, Arizona, Georgia and Alabama. ... Democratic operatives herding them to the polls won’t be requiring proof of citizenship either.
Those illegals that already have pictured ID are going to slip the net if Republicans pass anti-voting fraud legislation.
The infamous Daily Beast provides 16 reasons why Hillary Clinton will win in 2016.
Even Glenn Beck predicts that Hillary will win in 2016!
Has the federal government and American society become so corrupted that there is no hope for reformation, true reformation?
Ben Shapiro concludes that Hillary could win in 2016. Well, at least in the Democratic primaries.
As Shapiro pointed out:
Republicans continue to lose because Republicans get distracted from story by information. Democrats continue to win because they never let information get in the way of a good story. Until Republicans figure that simple truth out, no amount of truth will put a Republican back in the Oval Office.
The GOP leadership needs to stick to the limited government and fair taxation program that they wrote in 2012 - but ignored, just like they threw the Tea Party under the bus. They need to reach out with truth and stand up to Democrats who spew their character assassination rhetoric and innuendos; and not pick GOP poster candidates like Mitt Romney; who has a record of not being able to make up his mind about any given political discussion. Or, heaven forbid, backing another Bush.
We the People and the United States need constitutionalists in the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court; for that is the only way true reformation will take place. RINOs and "moderates" need not apply.
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