Sunday, September 25, 2011

Visualize This Stark Contrast: A Presidential Debate Between Herman Cain and Barack Obama

The contrast between Barack Obama and republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, is stark. According to Cain, "The United States of America is not going to become the United States of Europe. Not on our watch!"

Imagine the optics of a presidential debate between Cain and Obama. The former a black, highly successful, job-creating, businessman with a rich baritone voice representing the republican party, and the latter a black, effeminate, platitudinous orator, who is at the very least a socialist, but most definitely a job-destroying, street agitator with no appreciation for or understanding of free markets and a free people. 

Now THAT visualization gives me a tingle!

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  1. Linda Jordan, U.S. Citizen and Employer of Putative President Barack Obama, sends an E-Verify system Failure Notice Letter to Putative President Barack Obama, employee:

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)