Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obama's Attack Website Asks Citizens To Snitch On Each Other

Unless you use an anonymous IP address, I would not recommend anyone succumb to curiosity and register with Obama's latest snitch website called, because you will simply be handing over your IP address to the Obama administration hacks for spam, or perhaps more sinister purposes -- especially if Obama wins the 2012 election. They'll know how to find you, and may be motivated to do so if you use AttackWatch to attack Obama.

This stark and slimy offshoot of the aesthetically pretty FightTheSmears website is yet more proof that Obama is thin-skinned and a divider, not a uniter. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan doing anything this egregious?  Do we really need any further evidence that Obama must be booted out of office, either in the 2012 election or earlier by impeachment for incompetence--or malfeasance? - Join Attack Wire


Satirical video inspired by --

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