Sunday, September 25, 2011

O4P-CA: Beverly Hills Tea Party

Last Sunday September 18, 2011 was the 2nd annual Beverly Hills Tea Party.

O4P-CA was out in full force registering new volunteers for our California Ground Team and passing out O4P literature.

Early Sunday morning we packed up the O4P Mobile full of cards, SWAG, O4P posters/banners, sign-up sheets, and our very own one man camera crew (thanks Russ! Pssssst!...Stay tuned for details!)

The Beverly Hills Police Department were very kind and helped us set up shop on the grass (The BHPD are super cool; I still don't understand why Zsa Zsa slapped that officer)

The Beverly Hills Tea Party was founded last year by Pat Boone and a group of Mama Grizzlies led by O4P-CA volunteer Josephine Rescigno.

Mama Grizzly Josephine's hard work really paid off! This years Tea Party Rally was a huge success. Turn out was great, momentum was high, and lines were drawn in the sand. Beverly Hills has a message for the permanent political class: We are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!

This years speakers began with: Master of Ceremonies (and the original American Idol) Pat Boone, Congressman Tom McClintock, Presidential Candidate Congressman Thaddeus McCotter, author and columnist Benjamin Shapiro, Rev. Wayne Perryman, broadcast journalist Hugh Hewitt, writer Bill Whittle, President of the American Family Business Institute Dick Patten, commediene Sonja Schmidt, producer James Patrick Riley, 2nd Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County Peter Ford, and closing remarks were delivered by O4P-CA State Coordinator Thomas S Schmitz.

During the Rally O4P-CA volunteers armed with clipboards and sign-up sheets roamed the crowd registering new people for our Ground Team.

There were people from the Hermain Cain and Rick Perry campaigns at the Rally too. As the day went on it became more and more obvious. The enthusiasm, the drive, and the motivation is on our side. Together, we can do this.

All day long O4P-CA volunteers heard the same thing from concerned citizens. "We want Sarah Palin to run for President".

In order to win against the GOP Establishment and the left in 2012 we must continue to connect with one another and build a Ground Team that is the mother of all grass-roots efforts...ever.

In the coming days, weeks, and months O4P will keep the ball rolling, and keep on truckin along...

If you haven't already now is the time to double down your efforts. Now is the time to join your state O4P group. Now is the time to get involved.

America must win this war.

We must work, we must save, we must sacrifice, we must endure.

To join O4P TEXT: PALIN to 42828 and register HERE.

Thomas S Schmitz

California State Coordinator Organize4Palin

Follow O4P-CA on Twitter: @CA4Palin

Follow Thomas on Twitter: @ThomasSSchmitz

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