Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 17th: American Majority's Conservative Training Bomb - Get Involved

On September 17th, American Majority is sponsoring a Training Bomb in fourteen states.  Your opportunity to turn play a constructive role in returning America to its founding principles is only days away. Participating states include Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, New York, North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, Vermont, Michigan, Florida, Arizona, Colorado and Ohio. If training is not available in your state, you can request one.

Training Locations

Sign-up below to be a part of American Majority’s inaugural Training Bomb on September 17th. Not only will it be the biggest one-day training of conservative activists ever, but American Majority is going to be introducing new lectures, new manuals, and new projects. Help us make the day a success by signing up and spreading the word. Together we can, and will, make the right change happen in this country.
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