Friday, September 9, 2011

Do You Understand Obama's Code Words?

By John Merline
Investor's Business Daily
September 8, 2011

After President Obama's jobs speech Thursday night (which came after our deadline), pundits will be spending hours looking for hidden meanings. But since he's given this speech many times already, we've decoded it in advance.

One thing that's clear after reviewing Obama's many jobs speeches over the past two years is that his speechwriters have gotten lazy. Over and over again, the president returns to the same basic formula: Times were tough when I got here, we've achieved a lot, but the hole was so deep it will take time to get out. And then he trots out the same rote prescriptions.

But Obama's speeches also have lots of hidden meaning that can be hard for the nonprofessional to grasp. So we've provided a handy explanatory guide to many of the lines you were likely to hear in the latest version of Obama's let's-get-focused-on-jobs rallying cry.

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