Monday, September 19, 2011

AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Power Exceeds President Obama's Power Within Maricopa County

Recently, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio appointed a five-member posse to investigate claims of birth certificate fraud against President Obama. 

Residents of Surprise, AZ, presented affidavits and evidence to Sheriff Arpaio, which argues that the birth certificate Obama placed on the internet is a forgery. They fear voters' rights will be compromised if indeed the document is a fraud, and is used to place Obama's name on Arizona's 2012 ballot.

Instinctively, people will assume this is a silly idea, because most of us don't realize that county sheriffs have jurisdiction, not just over their own citizens, but also over ALL federal officials who interfere with politics or citizens in a county. Since I have no law background, I didn't fully understand this until today.  According to Sheriff Mack, many sheriffs lack the will or the courage to challenge federal officials, which Mack says is a serious mistake.  

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of course, is not among that weak-kneed group. Arpaio is infamous for bucking the system.  People either love him or hate him. There seems to be no middle ground. But in either case, Arpaio is apparently doing a good job protecting his citizens because he keeps getting re-elected.

Regardless of whether or not the case against Barack Obama can be proven by Arpaio's posse, it is an education to learn that a county sheriff is not simply a lowly elected official.  A sheriff's jurisdiction over federal officials even includes President Obama. This jurisdiction applies to every county sheriff in the nation!

So, keep your eyes and minds open to see how this legal tangle plays out.

By Sheriff Richard Mack
Constitutional Law Enforcement Association
January 3, 2008

When the United States of America was founded the framers spent arduous hours devising a Constitution that would protect future generations from tyranny and government criminality. A system of checks and balances was established to keep all government, especially at the federal level, from becoming too powerful and abusive.

The Bill of Rights was promulgated to augment the limitations previously placed against the government, to further insure that government would stay in its proper domain.

So, what happens when government does not obey its own constitution? What punishment is meted out to politicians who vote for and pass unconstitutional laws? What happens if they appoint unlawful bureaucracies or allow their agents to violate the rights of the American citizen? The answer to these questions is both astounding and lamentable; NOTHING!

Now the question becomes even greater; who will stop criminal and out-of-control government from killing, abusing, violating, robbing, and destroying its own people? Yes, believe it or not, there is an answer to this one. The duty to stop such criminality lies with the county sheriff. The question needs to be posed to each and every sheriff of these United States; will you stand against tyranny?

The office of sheriff has a long and noble history. It dates back over a thousand years and originated in England. The sheriff is the only elected law enforcement official in America. He is the last line of defense for his citizens. He is the people's protector. He is the keeper of the peace, he is the guardian of liberty and the protector of rights. A vast majority of sheriffs will agree with all of this until they are asked to apply these principles of protection to federal criminals. Their backpeddling and excuses will be more plentiful than radar tickets and louder than sirens at doughnut time. Most of the unbelievers, who themselves have taken a solemn oath to "uphold and defend" the U S Constitution, will passionately and even apologetically exclaim that they have no authority or jurisdiction to tell federal agents to do anything, let alone stop them from victimizing local citizens. The truth and stark reality is that it's just the opposite; the sheriff has ultimate authority and law enforcement power within his jurisdiction. He is to protect and defend his citizens from all enemies, both "foreign and domestic."
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Elite team of 5 assigned to seek truth on Obama
Sheriff Joe picks 'Cold Case Posse' to investigate president's eligibility
By Jerome R. Corsi
September 18, 2011

Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told WND he has assigned a five-member "Cold Case Posse" to investigate the authenticity of Barack Obama's birth certificate.
The decision, he says, is simply a matter of doing his duty.

"This investigation does not involve politics," Arpaio told WND. "I listen to all the residents of Maricopa County who come to my office with complaints, regardless what their politics are.

"My door is open to everyone, and I don't kick them out. If a complaint is legitimate, I don't dump it into the wastebasket," he continued. "When I get allegations brought to me by the citizens of Maricopa County, I look into the allegations, just like I am doing here." 

Arpaio explained to WND that there are over 3,000 people who participate in his office's volunteer posse program.

The "Cold Case Posse," however, has been described as a "posse within the posse," consisting of volunteers with professional experience in conducting investigations, including individuals chosen because of their professional backgrounds in law enforcement, as well as lawyers who have participated in criminal or civil cases and individuals with specialized skills in fields ranging from accounting to conducting criminal forensic examinations.

In the past few months, the Cold Case Posse has been inactive, largely because of budgetary limitations within the Maricopa County Sheriff's office.

But in the past few days, Arpaio has assigned a 5-person group serving under the auspices of the Cold Case Posse to undertake the Obama birth certificate investigation.

Sources within the sheriff's office explained to WND that the Cold Case Posse has been constituted as a 501(c)3 organization – separately organized within the 3,000-member volunteer posse – enabling people from around the country to contribute to its mission.


  1. By the power to deputize, a sheriff can raise a standing army.  The federal liberal's power is mostly relegated to big cities.  Local county sheriffs and American patriots could easily take over much of the real estate (and resources) in this country when the time comes.

  2. Yes, any Sheriff in any county in the USA can arrest a government official for crimes committed.
    I think that most of Congress & the Senate should be arrested for the many crimes they have committed against America. I hope Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not just blowing smoke up my ass on this issue over Obama being a Natural Born Citizen. His Dad was NOT a Citizen of the USA and  according the the Federalist Papers Both Parents need to be Citizens of the USA in order to be eligible to be president of the USA.
    Go Arrest Obama, he is a fraud.!