Thursday, September 1, 2011

Texas Drought Disaster Will Affect The Entire Country As Cost For Agricultural Products Rise

By Hilary Hylton
August 31, 2011

As Hurricane Irene swept up the East Coast of the U.S., there was a surge of envy rising deep in the heart of Texas. No one wished ill on a neighbor on the Eastern seaboard, of course, but for some Texans, watching intrepid, slicker-clad reporters standing in water up to their knees was like watching a moon landing. Temperatures in Austin were soaring to 112°F and the drought-stricken Lone Star State was dry as a bone.

There was nary a cloud in the sky Sunday afternoon as Austin marked the all-time highest temperature on record since Texans began making note of such things over 150 years ago. By late afternoon, the sinking sun was a huge searing orange disk in a cloudless sky, seeming to draw burnt orange haze out of the earth on the horizon. Orange was also the color of the ozone forecast, a warning to anyone engaged in outdoor activities, particularly children and individuals with breathing problems, to avoid lengthy, strenuous outdoor activities.

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