Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'Just Words' for Suckers? Look Who's Talking.

Catchphrases, Slogans, Verbal Slop Turn Words Into 'Money Of Fools'
By Thomas Sowell
Investor's Business Daily
September 14, 2010

Words are supposed to convey thoughts, but they can also obliterate thoughts and shut down thinking. As Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said, a catchword can "delay further analysis for fifty years." Holmes also said, "think things, not words."

When you are satisfied to accept words, without thinking beyond those words to the things — the tangible realities of the world — you are confirming what philosopher Thomas Hobbes said in the 17th century, that words are wise men's counters but they are the money of fools.

Even in matters of life and death, too many people accept words instead of thinking, leaving themselves wide open to people who are clever at spinning words. The whole controversy about "health care reform" is a classic example.
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