Monday, September 13, 2010

Going Rogue For Sarah Palin

Today in Los Angeles, CA I attended the Santa Monica GOP Headquarters Grand Opening as the representative from Palin Promotions. The Grand Opening was hosted by The Santa Monica Republican Women Federated. There were refreshments, literature, and one on one personal meetings with local GOP candidates.

Candidate buttons, pamphlets, and stickers were available. Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, and many local GOP candidates had their various take home items.

But they were not the only ones: 

Guess What? We RAN OUT of Sarah Palin For President 2012 buttons in less than 20 minutes!

Another hot item was Nicole Coulter's 101 Reasons to Support Sarah Palin:

All Sarah Palin buttons and literature were provided by Palin Promotions.

It was exciting to listen to all the Candidates tell it like it is and take a stand for our city, our state, and our country:

This future Mama Grizzly is running for Los Angeles City Council:

Pictured below is Chuck Wilkerson, who is running against Henry Waxman. Sending Henry Waxman to Brentwood for an early retirement would be cause for celebration, don't you think? Here's a link to Chuck's website. Let's help send this Papa Grizzly to Washington D. C. It's a long shot but America like an underdog:

James Andion is running for the United States House of Representatives from CA 33:

Here's a member of Team Carly. We in California are so grateful that Sarah Palin introduced us to Mama Grizzly Carly Fiorina. Without Sarah Palin's endorsement California could have been stuck with mushy RINO Tom Campbell. Thank you Sarah Palin! (Dear Barbara Boxer, Your Fired. XOXO California) :

Mattie Fein is running for the United States House of Representatives from CA 36:

Chris Bley is running for the Santa Monica/Malibu School Board:

Robert Kronovet is running for Santa Monica City Council:

It is days like today that I am encouraged that America will make it through this moment of darkness. There is something in the air. Americans are tired of the know-it-alls in Washington who have bankrupted our country. We will not be silent while the issues of a small, out of touch, minority are placed over the will of the majority. The disgracing of America will not be ignored.

We will not sit silently while those in power appease our enemies and lecture our allies. We will not be quiet while our borders are invaded and our leaders choose the side of the invaders over our citizens. Arrogant power grabs against the intent of our founders are not going unnoticed.

We expect our leaders to serve for the right reasons. We will no longer tolerate those who gorge themselves on taxpayer dollars and then call us racist, stupid, or hateful when we object to their unsustainable entitlements.

Today I watched regular, hardworking, everyday Americans stand up and say, "I've had enough". "I've had enough and I'm going to do something about it."

Sarah Palin paved the way for the people I listened to today. Brand name education and political pedigree's are no longer required to run for office. A servants heart, and the promise that one will serve and not rule is what Americans expect.

Real change is coming for America. These next two election cycles will chart the course for our country for many years to come.

However, the most important thing I learned today was: Don't run out of Sarah Palin For President 2012 buttons next time!

***Remember Palin Promotions has joined forces with O4P (Organize4Palin) Don't forget to join and put your boots on the ground!

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