Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cyber Wars of The World Are Underway

We've been smiling ever since we heard that the Stuxnet worm had invaded Iran's nuclear system computers. Great idea, so long as it's your enemy that suffers. However, this article gives a very sobering perspective on how cyber wars will disrupt our lives. The author states "There is growing concern that there has already been hostile reconnaissance of the US electricity grid." Imagine the chaos if the entire electrical grid in the US suddenly shut down. Cyber wars are no longer a fantasy of the future; they are the new weapons of today.

Stuxnet worm heralds new era of global cyberwar
By Peter Beaumont
The Guardian
September 30, 2010

Attack aimed at Iran nuclear plant and recently revealed 2008 incident at US base show spread of cyber weapons.

The memory sticks were scattered in a washroom at a US military base in the Middle East that was providing support for the Iraq war.
They were deliberately infected with a computer worm, and the undisclosed foreign intelligence agency behind the operation was counting on the fallibility of human nature. According to those familiar with the events, it calculated that a soldier would pick up one of the memory sticks, pocket it and – against regulations – eventually plug it into a military laptop.

It was correct.

The result was the delivery of a self-propagating malicious worm into the computer system of the US military's central command – Centcom – which would take 14 months to eradicate.

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