Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dawa: Have Your Kids Taken A School Trip to a Mosque Yet?

Why is it okay to send kids to a mosque for a school field trip where they are overtly prostletyzed (see Dahwah), but a school would never take a field trip to a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue?  What happened to the separation of church and state?

The trip described in the video below, and its associated article, is located in Massachussetts.  The East coast of the US is literally being colonized with religious practitioners who don't share our values, and they're heading West.  Before parents sign a permission slip to allow their children to participate in such a field trip, they must watch this video.

School Trip to "Moderate" Mosque:  Inside Video Captures Kids Bowing to Allah
Americans for Peace & Tolerance
September 15, 2010

Today, Americans for Peace and Tolerance released a video showing 6th graders from Wellesley, MA as they rise from prostrating themselves alongside Muslim men in a prayer to Allah while on a public school field trip to the largest mosque in the Northeast.  Teachers did not intervene. Parents have not been told.

The video was taken inside the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center – Boston’s controversial Saudi-funded mega-mosque – during a Wellesley Middle School social studies trip to the mosque, ostensibly taken to learn about the history of Islam first-hand. Yet the video reveals that the students are being blatantly mis-educated about Islam. A mosque spokesperson is seen teaching the children that in Mohammed’s 7th century Arabia women were allowed to vote, while in America women only gained that right a hundred years ago. This seems to be an increasingly recurring theme in American schools – the denigration of western civilization and the glorification of Islamic history and values. In fact, just recently, the American Textbook Council revealed that the New York State high school regents exam whitewashes the atrocities that occurred during the imperialistic Islamic conquest of Christian Byzantium, Persia, the African continent, and the Indian subcontinent, even as it demonizes European colonialism in South America.

The mosque spokesperson also taught the students that the only meaning of Jihad in Islam is a personal spiritual struggle, and that Jihad has historically had no relationship with holy war. As far as we know, the school has not corrected these false lessons.
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If you want to know what Muslims believe and teach their followers about Jesus and the Holy Bible, you'll find a series of videos here. This link is not an endorsement; it is meant to raise your awareness of the theological divide which separates Islam from Christianity.

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  1. And WHERE by any chance does the wunnerful tax-funded NEA stand on this sort of religious abomination??? For it I'll bet!!

    Merely another reason to pitch the NEA and save the money for buying salt for the roads in wintertime wherever needed.