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To Homosexuals and Liberal-Progressives of America: The Line is Drawn | by Keith Allen Lehman

President Barack H. Obama and associates recognize the demonstrators above as people performing their rights within the First Amendment; but ignores and considers the Tea Party movement as a threat or troublesome trouble makers, despite the fact that Tea Party advocates, or those who protest the trampling of the ConstitutionBig Government, high taxes, and vision of a New World Order and North American Union that destroys America's sovereignty and power among the nations of the world.

Seventeen years ago the Clinton administration and the US Congress made an unprecedented decision to enact the Don’t ask, don’t tell policy on behalf of American homosexuals that wished to enlist in the American Armed Forces. Homosexuals were allowed to serve if they were not open about their sexual preferences, mandated by 10 USC § 654. It stated that anyone who demonstrates a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts will be prohibited from serving in the armed forces of the United States. The reason given was because:
it would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion that are essence of military capability. 

Superiors were ordered to: 
...not initiate investigation of a service member’s orientation in the absence of disallowed behaviors, though credible and articulable evidence of homosexual behavior may cause an investigation.

The policy was a compromise made in 1993 by President Bill Clinton who had promised before election to allow all citizens regardless of sexual orientation to serve openly in the military. Most members of the US Congress disagreed with this policy becoming effective, but agreed to the compromise in that if the inductee of a branch of the armed forces did not declare or enact their sexual performance; homosexuals would not be punished or harassed for their sexual preference. President GW Bush did nothing to change it.
American citizens have also compromised, despite the majority finding homosexual behavior not within the realm of normal human society and/or against their religious beliefs; in that under the reason of equality under law and the Bill of Rights, the general public decided that as long as it didn’t infringe upon their rights, the rights of a person as to what their sexual preference remain personal and acceptable as their practice in private.
Homosexuals are not an ethnic group, a people of no particular race and are only separated from the main of society because of their sexual preference and behavior. Sexual acts are matters of privacy and the public, as well as the government, has conceded that those sexual acts are personal preference and not unlawful as long as the parties involved are of the age prescribed by law and consenting partners. 
Progressives are already debating whether pedophiles have such rights as well, considered a mental disorder like homosexuality used to be. The progressive political leftist knows no boundaries or limitations, once one social barrier is lifted they move to the next. What will they do when there are no barriers to lift? Standards and principles mean something and are beneficial for a successful civilization.
This matter concerning homosexuals and their rights, marks a major stride for the homosexual community.
Soon the homosexual community wanted society and the United States government and the state governments to allow marriage between persons of the same sex. In addition, they wanted to be allowed to permeate private organizations against their rules of conduct, like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. As time progressed, homosexuality was introduced into sex education curriculum at schools where our children attend, and soon homosexuality was on the increase in high schools across America
The Christians of America cried out that they had the right to forbid and teach their children that homosexuality is forbidden within the doctrine and beliefs of their religion, as well as their personal beliefs – but it fell upon deaf ears by a government who has taken control of our children’s education among many other areas of the private sector, centralized from WashingtonDC and not the state and local governments.

Government and special interest organizations were concerned about rights of homosexuals, but ignored the rights of other citizens whose majority are of the Christian faith or other religious faiths whose doctrine and beliefs are against homosexual activity.
Now, in the concept of political leftist ideology and with no line drawn in the sand as to how far liberalism and complacency is to be carried, those elected to run our government have decided in taking the further step of repealing the policy with the Don’t ask, don’t tell policy mandated by the aforementioned statute.

The President of the United StatesBarack H. Obama discussed the matter with the Pentagon and a study was initiated to foresee the effect such a policy would have upon military cohesion and effectiveness.
Army Chief of Staff, General George Casey stated in February of 2010:
I do have serious concerns about the impact of the repeal of the law on … a force that’s fully engaged in two wars and has been at war for eight and a half years.
Yet, according to CNN:
He agreed, however, that it would be fair to characterize his opinion as not being “strongly” for or against a repeal.
If the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States declared that he wishes this policy to be rescinded in favor of homosexuals, how can they refuse without resigning? 
All members of the United States armed forces are compelled to obey the President of the United States and his orders by sworn oath at time of enlistment.
I, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the president of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.
And indeed, President Obama and his Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Admiral Mike Mullen of the United States Navy support the proposed policy change.
Senator Joe Lieberman, who left the Democratic Party to be an Independent, introduced legislation that would allow gays and lesbians to serve openly. Odd, this action, by the man who stood against his former political party on issues concerning the war against Islamic jihad. People thought he was pro-military.
A separate repeal bill has also been introduced in the House of Representatives.
Generally speaking, Republicans are questioning the issue, but for the most part not solidly speaking out.
General David Petraeus, head of the US Central Command told NBC that he supports the Pentagon review process, but did not clearly state that he was for the new policy.
General Ray Odierno, commander of the American forces in Iraq stated:
everyone should be allowed to serve … as long as we’re still able to fight our wars, and we’re able to have forces that are capable of doing whatever they are asked to do.
Retired General Colin Powell, known for his political butt-kissing policy in the Gulf War, stated that he supported the repeal.
Only ONE member of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff made a negative statement against the controversial proposed policy – General James Conway, commandant of the US Marine Corps:
Our Marines are currently engaged in two fights, and our focus should not be drawn away from those priorities.
According to a February 12th to 15th CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, 69% of Americans believe that openly gay people should be allowed to serve in the military. 
Does that mean there are less than 31% of Americans who are of the Christian faith and/or have moral values and principal standards? 
I find that hard to believe, despite what I see as an observer of society.
The American people are being conditioned by the media and the political entities and individuals that stand for Marxism.
If CNN or anyone else wants opinions polled, the Pentagon needs to conduct a survey that asks the question to people serving in the military with a Yes or No answer concerning the issue. I am sure the results would be quite different than the questionable poll taken by CNN
The Democratic Party has taken on the planks within their political platform of the Communist Manifesto of Marxism; and in so doing, along with the political tactics and the ideology that no line is drawn when it comes to the concept of values, morals or common sense. Too many members of the Republican Party are compliant.
Whether or not Americans are Christians or not, homosexuality has been forbidden in society as long as there has been human civilization and that recognized marriages have been that of persons of the opposite sex.
Politicians profess that they favor the advocacy of family values, but how can this be when they advocate that which is against the morality and principles of American families and their beliefs and standards of values and social conduct?
Like my father used to say:
You give them an inch and they'll take a mile.

My son joined the US Marine Corps just before this nonsense was made public and now he has to worry about the possibility of fellow Marines having homosexual attraction and inappropriate advances toward him. It is against his rights and all that have the same belief and ideology that homosexuality is not natural or normal behavior [*] and/or forbidden by religious law [JudaismChristianityIslam]. 
He believes, like I do, that homosexuals can do whatever they want, as consenting adults, as long as it does not affect his rights or the rights of others in the privacy of their homes. Their sexual behavior and ideology does not belong in the military.
Liberal progressives have a history that once they get their way, they are not satisfied with any compromise or agreement – they continually want more.
Just as with their views of constitutional law – they only want to comply when it favors their ideology and their rights – anyone else’s rights be damned.
It is time for the liberal progressive and their Marxist views to go the way of the Dodo bird; and maybe choose another country to fit their twisted political and social views rather than America.
Those they call - neo-conswar-mongersimperialistscorporate evilracistsBible thumpers, and gun-toting rednecks have had quite enough of those that wish to change our nation into something that history shows that have caused the downfall of other nations and degrade our constitution and the framework of what makes a successful society. 
The Tea Party movement is, like the original Boston Tea Party, not just about taxation; it is about unalienable rights and the concept of civil liberties and civil morality.
The silent majority, I guess the ones not polled by CNN, are not silent anymore. The Tea Parties and town-hall meetings across America demonstrate this. The hatred and hateful actions of the political left is ignored by the media and those that support them. The political left and their twisted minions have overstepped their bounds - their transgressions against grassroot America has come full circle.

The political left will declare this article hate speech, disregarding my right under the First Amendment of the United States ConstitutionHate speech, to them, only applies to anyone who doesn't follow in their boot-stepping march to a Marxist nanny-state America and hate speech laws will follow the redundant hate crime laws now in place.

The moment you complain about government injustice and the outright corruption, you immediately become ‘anti-government.’ Patriots are not revolutionaries trying to overthrow government. Patriots are counter-revolutionaries trying to prevent government from overthrowing the US Constitution. No matter which political party is in charge or who is president. It is the simple distinction between American and un-American, patriot and unpatriotic. Patriotism for the People and the their nation, not the governmentKeith Allen Lehman
The Bill of Rights, in the liberal-progressive-Marxist interpretation, applies to them, but doesn't apply to We the People - those who believe and advocate what I have written in the paragraphs above.
A free people must understand what freedom is. And in our present situation the law must not be permitted to contribute to the widespread confusion of liberty with licentiousness. Liberty is not an abstract right to do whatever we feel like without regard to the consequences. It especially does not mean this in those areas where the consequence of abuse is to destroy liberty. If we want to hold on to liberty, then we must limit those abuses that will destroy it. We can’t have it both ways. This means that at some level, in the laws of a free society, limits must be set which respect the requirements of freedomAlan Keyes

God save America from itself and its enemies.
Freedom is the exception, not the rule, in this world. The prerequisites of freedom include not only constitutional guarantees, but also traditions and standards which punish those who violate the norms that enable those constitutional guarantees to work. With so much of the media and the public more concerned with showing how non-judgmental they can be than with protecting the norms that make our freedom possible, this administration has put us on the road to becoming just another corrupt country run at the whim of those in powerThomas Sowell

[*] Once viewed as disturbed mental behavior. 

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