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Latest Progressive Abomination: Sex Manuals for Girl Scouts by Keith Allen Lehman

New Age Girl Scout
Liberals today, those who have traditionally considered themselves so, have chosen a new name for themselves: Progressives. It is befitting. It is also a code word for progressive-Marxism. It also is a one word descriptive of their progressive endeavor to dissolve religion, especially targeted toward Christian principles; break down moral and family values (and thus the family nucleus that makes all nations strong); and corrupt our children to where the state and special interest groups have control over the upbringing of America’s future - OUR children. After all, if the parents will stubbornly refuse the progressive’s steps toward a New World Order, than the next or succeeding generation will comply.

It has been revealed that the Obama Nation, a term for the elite membership of the New World Order Progressives that now are a majority in the US federal government and some state governments that Progressives have been performing acts unconstitutional, creating an atmosphere of a non-transparent government [*]
Do you remember the Progressive outcry that the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America wouldn’t allow homosexuals in their ranks?
Remember how they boycotted and coerced or blackmailed corporations and those who traditionally supported Boy and Girl Scout institutions to discontinue that support?
Well, as the saying goes, if there is will, there is a way, hold on to your seats for this disturbing revelation …
Washington TimesMarch 18th, 2010 by Austin Ruse, President of NY and Washington, DC, Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute:
Sharon Slater, a mother of seven, innocently walked into a panel sponsored by the Girl Scouts USA at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women a few weeks ago. Almost immediately she was asked to leave. All non-Scout adults were kicked out of the room, which was packed with adolescent girls. Her curiosity piqued, Slater lingered by the door and when the panel ended she went immediately back inside to look around. What she found has shocked her and shocked Girl Scout moms around the country. Slater found a stack of brochures produced by Planned Parenthood called "Healthy, Happy and Hot" that among other things explained to the girls, "Some people have sex when they have been drinking or using drugs. That is your choice." But it gets worse. The sex guide explains, "Many people think sex is just about vaginal or anal intercourse. But there are lots of different ways to have sex and lots of different types of sex. Sex can include kissing, touching, licking, tickling, sucking and cuddling. Some people like to have aggressive sex, while others like to have soft sex and slow sex with their partners. There is no right or wrong way to have sex. Just have fun, explore and be yourself!" It tells girls to explore the prostate. Remember, this was distributed in a panel for adolescent girls. Besides advice about the prostate, the brochure, subtitled "Rights, Sexuality and Living with HIV," also gives incorrect and even dangerous information about rights and responsibilities. It tells the kids that, "sexual and reproductive rights are recognized around the world." Sexual rights are hardly recognized around the world. They are not even recognized here in the sexual paradise of the United States. The brochure tells the kids that their rights are violated when governments require them to tell their HIV status to their sex partners. The Girl Scouts USA have offered various statements to outraged Scout leaders. First they denied they ever passed out the brochure. Then they denied the brochure was ever in the room and that Slater must have fished it out of the trash. Then they said a previous group might have left the brochure. Other users of that conference room on that day were the NAACP for a panel on climate change, the UN for an orientation meeting, and a Dutch poverty group for a panel on counter-terrorism. It is unlikely, to say the least, that the panels on climate change and counterterrorism would distribute Planned Parenthood sex guides for adolescents. At the same UN meeting, which ended last Friday, the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides produced a document saying young women "demand their sexual and reproductive rights including access to comprehensive sexuality education, and sexual and reproductive services including contraception and emergency contraception, in order to avoid unintended pregnancies" and also called for access to "safe abortion." While they have denied it was in their meeting, what the Girl Scout leadership has not done is distance themselves from the message of the brochure and from Planned Parenthood. But they would have a hard time doing that because they have a long time relationship with Planned Parenthood and have passed out brochures like this before. At a Girl Scout conference in 2004, co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood, the Girl Scouts handed out a brochure to 700 grade-school girls with the title "It's Perfectly Normal," a guide that celebrated masturbation and that featured explicit drawings of couples having sex and a boy putting on a condom. It also listed, no surprise here, the top ten reasons for having an abortion. The present day Girl Scouts are not your older sister's Scouts, let alone your Moms. Not by a long shot. They seem to have joined up fully with the anything-goes-ethos of the left-wing sexual buccaneers and for it they are lauded at the UN. Compare that with the Boy Scouts who have remained true to their founding vision and to traditional values and for it they are banned from using public buildings. Will this be the issue that gets the Girl Scouts back on track? Unlikely. Girl Scout leadership is very dug in on this. But, there is revolt brewing in Girl Scout Land. A group of Mothers in St. Louis intend to ask the St. Louis region to break with the national organization. There likely will be more. Girl Scout cookies remain awfully tasty, but it seems the moral price to purchase them is getting higher and higher.
What we have here is something beyond the problems of textbooks in Texas. What we have here is the reason why I no longer fund any organization affiliated, directly or remotely, with the United Nation’s myriad of organizations.
But can we really be surprised at this?
Have you scanned television and satellite/cable TV lately?
Have you noticed what type of programming is popular?
When it came to traditional liberalists, in political terms, there was always a line drawn – my how that has changed!
The Democratic Party and affiliated Leftist organizations and institutions should no longer be referred to as liberals. They are closet Marxists. That is why they have come to being preferred to be called Progressives. They are progressing toward the New World Order where morality is only considered to be a hindrance in the ultimate goal of those who have made themselves the leadership of societies and corrupt political institutions, to include national governments.
The Democratic Party of the United States is hot on the idea of cooperating with the United Nations, forming a North American Union and the concept of the New World Order. I guess so, since they are in the driver’s seat of power.
Break down a nation’s code of morality and soon one can control the rest of it. They merely make it look like the “in” thing to do.
No matter what religion you believe in or practice, even if you believe in no religion at all, there is a basic concept of morality in any civilized society.
The government cannot be reformed until society reforms itself, plain and simple. I might sound conservative in various articles I write, but above all I am a realist. I do not advocate the return of Puritism in America, for then that is a transgression against rights and liberties; however, the path America is taking will lead to nothing but misery.
The basic Virtues and established Golden Rule is practiced world wide with people of many different faiths and cultures. It is for good reason.
Sex education instruction was allowed in the school system for learning about reproduction – not an instructional class on the different fun ways to have sex. Progressives have polluted society long enough.

I don't think Girl Scouts will be selling many cookies these days, they can count on a boycott. What a terrible thing for a once noble institution created to instill character and values, as well provide something young people could get involved in, along with 4-H Clubs and other such organizations. 
Children should be allowed to be children and not be exploited and young ladies (and young men) taught the rudiments of what is important in life and what character is all about.

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[*] Something which was accused of the last administration by the same people now in office.

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