Thursday, March 18, 2010

Democrats: Feel Our Wrath If You Pass Health Care Bill! | by EricaThunderpaws

We're not allowed to mail rotten tomatoes or garbage to our foolish lawmakers, so if you're angry, here's a small substitute. 

Feel free to download this image and mail it to your lawmakers to let them know what you think of their unconstitutional attempt to take over the entire health care system in the U.S. 

ANYONE who votes in favor of such a bill, whether directly or by using deem and pass, deserves the wrath of their constituents. They should be put into medieval stocks, and then thrown out of office in the next election.

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  1. Even if the medevial stocks are not used, they should be thrown out of office in their next election ... every last one!!

    People have a tendency to think "their" Representative is a "good one" somehow while never really realizing how much evil he may have perpetrated in Congress that is unknown by most voters.

    I'm at a point now where "my" Representative who loudly touts his "conservative credentials" won't even respond to my written inquiries re Obama's eligibility when I ask him to tell me how someone could be a "natural born Citizen" whose daddy was an alien governed by the British Nationality Act of 1948 and who himself was also publicly admitted to be governed by that same act.

    There was no acknowledgeablement so I tried the same message a couple of additional times - yet ... nothing. The two Senators also gave the same question the same silent treatment but I expected that. I expected "my" noted ultra-conservative Representative would respond, but it's clear the oligarcy now believes they control all citizens (who no longer matter).

    I will be donating money and effort to defeat all 3 of these jerks in their next election. I'd hope you'd do the same with yours. Just for the record there were als0 other letters on other subjects they also ignored - seems to be a pattern.

  2. As far as I'm concerned, there's not a candidate on either side of the aisle who will be safe. Everyone of them is going under the microscope before they get my vote. Period. End of story.

  3. Amen, Erica.
    Americans are going to have to reteach themselves that it is the individual that gets elected to perform in government, not the political club they belong to.
    Since Clinton, too many Republicans are conservative in name only and not enough constitutionalists to go around.
    I never identify a congressional member when I write about them as being DNC or GOP, but just what state they are from. What counts is their ideology and voting record and performance in general.
    Whoever voted 'YEA' for Obamacare must be ready to find a new occupation or join the unemployed. It is long past due for American voters to clean out Congress - only this time they need to replace them with constitutionalists, instead of the caliber of people they are replacing being one of the same.