Thursday, March 11, 2010

Omega File: Back Door Administration of Barack Hussein Obama

The only thing transparent in the Obama Nation administration and associates in Congress is just exactly what they are up to.
First it was back door legislation. Now it’s back door taxation. Barack Obama and associates clearly stated in his campaign to run for president that he was going to change the way government does business, and indeed he has. Name one time, despite grievances against the GOP, that Republicans held secret meeting on legislation that had no security requirements, and the healthcare bill certainly does not hold to that category or held closed door meetings of only selected individuals by a committee to discuss how they are to get the American people to go for a bill that would increase national debt to the amount of $950+ billion and open the door for bigger government practices. Unless the plan for Martial Law is considered a security issue and not available to the public.

Dan WeilMoneyNews, wrote in an article entitled Obama Plans ‘Backdoor’ Tax to Pay for Health Plan …
A stealth provision in President Obama’s latest healthcare proposal dramatically increases taxes on the wealthy — extending Medicare taxes for the first time to “unearned” investment income. The new 2.9 percent tax would apply to interest, dividend, annuity, royalty, and rent payments. Under current law, Medicare payments come from salaries alone. But Obama wants a Medicare tax to be paid on the investment income accrued by individuals making more than $200,000 a year and couples making more than $250,000. … In addition, households with income above $250,000 would see another 0.9 percent added to their Medicare tax on their normal working income. It would put their rate at 2.35 percent. … Obama and congressional Democrats are under pressure to prove they can pay for it without adding to the country’s debt. Yet, they also must appear not to raise taxes — at least not on likely Democratic voters. … 

Meanwhile, Obama at a recent town-hall meeting plainly stated that healthcare reform would be “easy” to pay for — simply by raising the income limit on the Medicare tax. The new proposal would radically change the nature of the tax, too. It is now at a flat rate so that everyone pays into the system at the same rate and then receives equivalent levels of medical benefits in old age.  The moves allow Democrats to raise taxes on the wealthy without calling it an income-tax increase, since in theory investment earnings are not “income” the same as a paycheck from an employer. … The liberal Center for Tax Justice says the new taxes would affect 2.3 percent of taxpayers in 2014.  … The non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that the proposal would create $183.6 billion in revenue during the next 10 years. That would account for 44 percent of the total amount needed to pay for healthcare reform. 

What part of NO does the Obama Nation not understand?
Are you not suspicious of his and associates motives?
How does Tea Party protests constitute the need to prepare for martial law?
Ads and news snippets are pushing the Obamacare and the gist of the message is that Americans need this bill passed. Looking into the reality of it – Americans DON’T need this bill or any more taxes at any level of wealth. What part do those in government not understand that actions by Big Government created the major portion of this economic crisis, but hurting the part of society that provides employment to the other part?
Folks, this is what the Democratic-Marxist-minded politicians call the rich, decadent, and evil part of society. This and other tactics pulled by politicians who call themselves democratic is so reminiscent of the Communist Manifesto and out of the rule book of Joseph Stalin.
How many times has Barack H. Obama stated he wasn't a socialist?
How many times have his actions and policies proved different?
What is the lifespan of a socialist state, in terms of economy?
If we don’t stop this nonsense, we will soon find out.

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