Monday, March 8, 2010

Just say NO! NO! NO! to Barack Obama's Statist Agenda | by EricaThunderpaws

Let's get VISUAL with our demands of Obama.  Remember--the media is attracted to "odd" events.  With that thought in mind,  take a close look at the two "NO" photos below Obama's face on this graphic.

This should inspire tea partiers across the fruited plains of America to get out there and do something really unusual, and do it in such a big way that the media will want to cover it even though their agenda supports Obama.

The media is bored with ordinary protests.  After all, protest marches have been a part of our culture since the 60s. Let's change the way we protest and do something spectacularly different.  Are there any conservative/independent artists, designers, theatrical technicians, or choreographers who would like to take this idea and run with it to your local tea party group?

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  1. Another oputstanding graphic, T-Paws!!! Good work - REALLY good work!