Monday, March 29, 2010

Islamist Gülen Movement Runs U.S. Charter Schools

Islamist Gülen Movement Runs U.S. Charter Schools | linked by EricaThunderpaws
By Stephen Schwartz
American Thinker

A secretive foreign network of Islamic radicals now operates dozens of charter schools -- which receive government money but are not required to adopt a state-approved curriculum -- on U.S. soil. The inspirer of this conspiratorial effort is Fethullah Gülen, who directs a major Islamist movement in Turkey and the Turkish Diaspora but lives in the United States. He is number thirteen among the world's "50 most influential Muslims," according to one prominent listing.

. . . the Gülen movement operates more than 85 primary and secondary schools on our soil. A roster of the Gülen schools and of the numerous foundations that support them has been released to the public by the patriotic group Act! for America. The Gülen schools are often designated as "science academies" and are concentrated in Texas, Ohio, and California -- with others scattered across the rest of the country.


  1. That's truly MORE THAN SHABBY!!

    It's just plain assinine!

    Our Tax Dollars at work!!

  2. Also, don't forget to mention that Gulen is on CIA payroll! He became a Green Card Holder thanks to former CIA chief Graham Fuller.

    Read Sibel Edmond's deposition on how Gulen has been a puppeteer for Islamist AKP party in Turkey to throw secular system of Turkish Republic. and its secular military that has been a strong US ally since 1950s.

  3. who else is in CIA payroll as Turkish citizen