Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obama Nation Paid Protesters Plan Washington March | by Keith Allen Lehman

I know there are many Americans who are sick of hearing or reading about ObamaCare, health care arguments in general. Frankly, I am sick of writing about it, but it is too important to just ignore and hope it will go away. I am also tired of being called a Neo-Con, racist and Nazi by those who endear the planks straight from the Communist Manifesto and not the Constitution of the United States.
Like a spoiled child, Democrats will not let it go. Their political agenda won't let them. 
Are they persistent because it is something good for the People?

No. Their persistence is the acceptable norm of political brainwashing and because of the grassroot Americans being silent for too long they have gained the power they so desperately want and require to fulfill their ultimate agenda.
PelosiReid and Obama and compliant Republicans all know it is unpopular and unwise, but it means more power for the government and represents a healthy chunk of the national economy at 17% GNP, to add to their list of taking over other sectors of the private sector.
The House of Representatives is supposed to vote on it tomorrow, March 21st, and on that day the organizers (you know, like the community-organizer-in-chief) are putting forth great efforts to pass something the America people don’t want.

Still the burning question remains: Why?
The political Left is constantly caught and tangled up in their web of lies; it is amazing how they can keep track of what is reality.

How many times have you read or heard media puppets of the Progressives claim that the national Tea Party movement is being bought and paid for by the evil corporations and wealthy political right? 
How many times have you heard them ridicule citizens for protesting an oppressive government program or legislation?
Or write them off as angry religious, gun-toting rednecks and paid protesters of the GOP?
The describe themselves in their accusations 97% of the time.

Yet they fail to mention how such events as the big rally to support the Obama Nation’s great Ponzi scheme that would surpass the government boondoggle of Social Security and the inefficient Medicare program – two programs they wailed about not being fixed when George W. Bush was in office, and they have done nothing about now that they hold majority in Congress and have the great Marxist community organizer in the Oval Office with his feet propped up on a valuable and historical presidential desk.
I have pleaded with readers, along with others, to pick up the telephone and call your congressmen and tell them to vote Nay on the Obamacare, as well as the upcoming amnesty bill.
Colin Hanna, president of Let Freedom Ring wrote in an email notice [*] :
As I said in today's Washington Times, the best way to get a true flavor for what's in the bill is to review the legislation for yourself. Use the text search feature and search for words like "fee," "tax," and "regulation." Then search for the opposites of those worlds like "incentive," "free market" and "economic freedom" - I suspect you won't find any of these antonyms in the bill's thousand-plus pages.
Here are the results:
       Words tax or taxes occurs 214 times.
       The words fee or fees occurs 103 times. []
       The words regulation or regulations occurs 219 times.
       The words choice or choices occurs a total of 91 times, but only 13 refer to consumer choice, the rest puts government bureaucratic agencies in control.

Colin Hanna also notes:
Not every instance refers to MORE taxes or fees -- just the vast majority of them.
We cannot back down now. Review the health care reform legislation for yourself and take action today to stop this government takeover of our health care.

We need legislators, both in state and federal government, who don't make it a point to create and pass a flurry of legislation, but only legislate when it is actually called for; and any true reformer of the United States government will be intent in reviewing past legislation, remove those that cause the problems the politicians blame on every one and every thing else and either rewrite the bills or rescind them. Every legislation must be scrutinized with several factors in mind:
What is the short-term impact?
What is the long-term impact?
How will it affect the economy, the People and America as a whole.
Will it actually serve the purpose of its original design?
Will it really 'fix' what is allegedly broken?
Is it legislation on behalf of special interest groups and citizens who undermine rights and liberties of others?
And, most importantly, is it within the limits of power and responsibility prescribed by the Constitution of the United States?
Clean out Congress and every elective office from local to national government, fumigate those buildings of the People's government, and ensure that those elected have the Constitution and the People on their mind when they come up with ideas for legislation; and remove the scuff marks off the desk in the Oval Office.

[*] Referred by Joan Bartelson.
[] The people of the state of Wisconsin certainly know about the word fee – Governor Doyle immediately after re-election, despite warning to other voters, raised the state fees and licenses 38% and combined with other increased and new taxation was the largest tax hike in the history of the state of Wisconsin in the middle of an economic crisis that put almost as many out of work that occurred during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

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