Thursday, March 4, 2010

Letter to Rep. Gary Bies, State of Wisconsin | by Keith Allen Lehman

My letter to my state representative referencing my recent article:
                                          February 4th, 2010
Representative Gary Bies, State of Wisconsin

Honorable Representative Steven KagenUnited States Congress
Honorable Senator Russ FeingoldUnited States Congress

Keith Allen LehmanUS Army RET, US Citizen

SUBJECT: Second Amendment and State Laws

Mr. Bies:

I present to you an argument referencing a web link concerning the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

The United States is made up of sovereign states that belong to a union of states; however ALL states must comply with the Constitution of the United States and its amendments, of which the first ten have come to be called the Bill of Rights.

The state of Wisconsin does not comply with the Constitution of the United States, as some of the other fifty states by prohibiting law-abiding citizens of sound mind not to carry a concealed or openly carried loaded firearm for purposes of defense of oneself, one's family, property or the general welfare of the public. As the article that I authored at the web link clearly demonstrates, individuals have the right to keep and bear arms and that right shall not be infringed.

All states of the Union must comply and the US Supreme Court and state courts and legislators are not performing their duty on behalf of the citizens of the state of Wisconsin and the United States when they counter against the US Constitution. Governor Doyle and members of the Wisconsin legislator have violated those rights - and it is time past due that they rectify the travesty they have legislated upon the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment is concise and quite clear on the matter, and it is time for elected officials of the government to listen to the will of the people. The majority has stated they wish the right and choice to carry firearms if they choose to do so or deem fit and any elected official that goes against the Second Amendment or any rights in the Constitution is not fit to fill the position they hold in the People's government.

Thank you for your time, and hope you will fervently address this matter to those in government of the great state of Wisconsin. Your past record has shown that you are a man of character and respect constitutional law and the people for which you represent, so I ask that you enact whatever it takes to address this issue.

A copy of this electrically transmitted letter has been sent to US Representative Kagen and US Senator Feingold so they may also take action to ensure that the Constitution of the United States is honored by ALL states of the Union. This letter will also be posted to the American Reformation Movement (ARM) and Jefferson’s Rebels websites for fellow citizens of Wisconsin, as well as citizens who live in states that do not honor the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.


Keith Allen Lehman


  1. KeithAllenLehmanMarch 4, 2010 at 8:54 PM

    Thanks, emblake6 ...
    You can't imagine how long I have addressed this issue. It's time that the government, local, state, and federal pay attention to the US Constitution and recognize individual liberties and freedom of choice.

  2. Thank you, thank you - and many kudos for an article very well written. I never served and I do not own a firearm and for that I feel vaguely guilty as I am coming to believe that it is not only the right, but the duty of all good citizens to to do so.

    Some years ago I lived and worked for three years in Switzerland where all male citizens are part of the military and required to be proficient in the use of semiautomatic assault weapons (which they keep in their homes, by the way). They must train at the local range once every month (these dot the countryside).

    I was told that if they fail to meet the marksmanship standard, they must come back each weekend until they do - and, unlike the normal monthly training, for this they must buy the ammunition and targets.

    Every ordinary citizen has a duty to see to it that this and all other parts of the Constitution are strictly adhered to. We must always remember that We the People are the sovereigns that the members of government are elected to serve and, as their employers, we must see to it that they always obey the Constitution or are quickly replaced. So is our solemn duty.

  3. And thank you for your input, 'thinkwell' ... thanks for the 'kudos' ...
    I briefly saw Switzerland in a flight holdover in the military - which I could have seen more and mingled with citizens. I have always admired the Swiss ...
    Feeling guilty for not serving in the military is unnecessary guilt. Citizens, like the occupations they hold, each have their own part in any nation's society. Just by supporting those that join is a good thing.
    Switzerland has a military only for defense - and has been a neutral nation in many foreign affairs. Their insistence that all citizens be trained and used as an on-call militia makes total sense. I thought it was utterly amazing that when the citizens complete their initial training they take all their gear home, including their personal-issued weapons. It is something that America should have adopted a while back.
    However, well-organized constitutional militia fill that gap; but unfortunately too many of those organizations have given free militia a bad name, as well as too many who are organizers of these militia never served a day in the military and their "experience" is from watching 'Rambo' type films.
    Yes, it is our solemn duty to monitor those that govern us, and equally, it is our responsibility that we choose honest individuals that have good character and become candidates because they want to serve the people and make a difference - not for popularity. Candidates should be the best of society, not representing the worst. It is something WE the People must address. Election system and the reasons why we vote for candidates must be examined and corrected - the two traditional political parties have had a monopoly on politics long enough. That means that the primary elections should have independents and third party candidates available and be recognized as candidates, not being shoved aside because they are not Democrat or Republican. The media is to blame there - they have become so full of themselves that they decide who is qualified and who gets the public's attention. In that respect, it is the American citizens who are to blame and must correct the situation.
    Thanks again for your input, your common sense, and your patriotism. Like the many ethnic people that make up America, as citizens, so there are various ways to serve your country.
    Thank you for your active participation.
    Best Regards ...