Saturday, February 13, 2010

CALL FOR HELP: Seeking More IP Addresses For SMRSTRAUSS

This is a follow-up to my recent article about obot SMRSTRAUSS.  Since the article was published, two people have supplied me with several new IP addresses used by this person.  I would like to collect as many of these as possible to create a database.  If this person has posted on your blog and you have access to his IP addresses, I would appreciate receiving that information, including the date (or date range) linked to those addresses.  You can submit these to me either in the comment section of this notice or in the comment section of the original article.  Alternatively, you can send them to me privately by using the contact form in the sidebar.

I welcome any information that might add substance to my investigation. If you have facts that might be useful, please feel free to share that information with me. 

Since receiving the latest IP addresses, my instinct tells me there is more to SMRSTRAUSS than meets the eye.


  1. Curi0us0nefromthe60sFebruary 13, 2010 at 7:29 PM

    8/27/2009 IP Address 1 post at 3:20AM, one post at 3:28AM.

    Same date 8/27/2009 but different IP Address 1 post at 4:05AM, 1 post at 4:31AM.

    9/25/2009 IP Address 1 post at 1:42PM 1 post at 3:23PM.

    9/28/2009 IP Address 1 post at 9:45AM, 1 post at 3:02PM, 1 post at 6:04PM, 1 post at 6:13PM, 1 post at 6:28PM, 1 post at 6:32PM, 1 post at 6:40PM, 1 post at 6:48PM,

  2. Paid Obutts Blogg Pimpin for BO's Fraud Enterprise of 39 Fake Social Security Numbers?

    Yes there is more probably alot more like there were 100s of Obutts using the same nick organized and supervising while getting stipends from O'Bushama 'The Fake".

  3. Hello Erica - thanks for dropping by my blog. With all the comments he left - there was only one IP Address on 10/30/08

    Hope this helps ya

  4. You'll have to cross check IP#s and names, too, because smrstrauss uses different names from the same IP#.

  5. I am aware that smrstrauss and his wife are working from the same ip. I know both of their real names. Are you willing to supply the names you are familiar with so that I can compare them?