Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vote Smart: Use the E-The People Voter Guide in the Sidebar

With local elections pending, now is an excellent time to use the E-The People Voter Guide, which is located in the sidebar of this website.  Since the internet has become my primary news source, and because I don't subscribe to the local paper, this voter tool has proven to be extremely useful.  Without it, I would have some difficulty getting to know the candidates, including judges.  Never let it be said that grassroots tea party movement voters enter the polling booth uninformed.  This tool makes voting very easy, and very smart!

Simply enter your address in the widget, and you will be directed to a page that lists candidates running for election in your district.  Below the list of candidate names there is a series of questions asked of each candidate so that you will know where each stands on the issues relevant for that position.  If there are only two candidates, their answers appear side-by-side.  If several candidates are running for the same office, use the two pull down menus to choose two of the candidates.  Their responses will appear side-by-side.  If you like one candidate better than another, select a different candidate to compare with your first choice.  Once you've made your decision, tick the box for your final candidate.  Use the NEXT link at the top of the ballot to continue through the other races.

After you've selected all the candidates you plan to vote for, enter your email address, and the "ballot" will be sent to you.  If you think you may have trouble remembering every candidate's name, you can take this unofficial ballot with you to the polling booth as a memory aid.

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