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Who Authorized the New Government Agency, NCS?

Despite Climategate, despite a petition signed by 17,200 scientists (real, not junk scientists including 3,000 climate-weather experts) around the world, despite investigative websites like Junk Science [Steven Milloy]; the Obama Nation government has not only continued with the climate change scenario (formerly Al Gore’s global warming alarm movement) but his administration has created a new agency, as though our government wasn’t big enough. The initial budget is $62 million and is part of NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration entitled NCSNational Climate Service
The role of this service is provided at the new agency’s website:
The Regional Climate Centers (RCC) deliver climate services at national, regional and state levels working with NOAA partners in the National Climatic Data Center, National Weather Service, the American Association of State Climatologists, and NOAA Research Institutes. This successful effort resulted in jointly developed products, services, and capabilities that enhance the deliver of climate information to the American public, and builds a solid foundation for a National Climate Service. As NOAA and Congress work to help society adapt to climate change, these collaborative efforts form a framework for the service, data stewardship, and applied research components of the National Climate Service.
The National Climate Service and its vision:
  • Providing services based on direct interaction with climate stakeholders. 
  •  Distributing accurate and unbiased climate data, data products, and information.
  • Enhancing climate services and developing decision support tools through applied research.
  • Educating stakeholders on emerging regional climate issues. 
With NOAA, the RCCs envision a science-based National Climate Service that supports improved decisions to enhance industries, protect the environment, and promote public safety.
Cooperating universities [unnamed, except for contact list] that have established progressives, funded heavily by the government (taxpayers’ funds) …
The RCCs placement at major research universities provides a mechanism for a vibrant and internationally recognized applied climate research program as evidenced by the publication of numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals. RCC researchers have combined NOAA funding for climate services with external grants and institutional support to amplify their applied climate research programs. A sampling of RCC research topics includes: Climate and Hydrology, Agriculture, Drought, Climate observation and instrumentation, climate change and variability, Data quality control and assurance, Complex terrain effects on climate, Public health and climate, Regional climate issues and problems, Tropical storm climatologies, Atmospheric teleconnections, Environmental water quality, Climate information technology systems, [and] Extreme climate events. …
Future Directions: Climate issues continue to rise in visibility as an everyday concern of the American public. The RCCs are working with NOAA to ensure that user services, as embodied in the RCC program, are given a prominent place within the envisioned NCS. A central concept that will pervade NCS is a strong emphasis on regional, state, and local relevance, precisely the domain in which the RCCs have excelled. …high quality climate information, will ensure that Congress’ long-term investment in the RCC program pays a handsome dividend, and that the RCC’s trust-based relationships with stakeholders will continue to provide a proven and popular service to the nation.
A contact list is included:
Kenneth G. Hubbard, University of Nebraska; Steven D. Hilberg, MRCC, Illinois State Water Survey; Arthur T. DeGaetano, NRCC, Cornell University; Peter J. Robinson, SERCC, University of North Carolina; Kevin Robbins, SRCC, Louisiana State University; Kelly Redmond, WRCC, Desert Research Institute.
Does any American citizen remember asking the government to initiate yet another government agency that enlists (on a payroll, of course) 450 national, regional, and state cooperators that will provide climate data for American citizens’ benefits?
Did Congress authorize this new agency, and if so, why wasn’t it made public?
What congressional committee investigated the need to use of funds for this purpose?
Does the American public require the government to become the official meteorologist who forecasts weather changes so you know what to wear?
Isn't that purpose already established as the task of NOAA?
Did any state government authorize/agree with Congress or any agency of the White House administration to dabble/pervade into state and local concerns? [9th & 10th Amendments]
Citizens are informed that the agency has been created – but no information about a congressional committee authorizing this new executive branch agency and its funding. Big Government continues to grow …
I found a document contributed to Edward L. Miles and a list of co-sponsors, dated October 13th, 2006 that initially supplied an abstract to design a national climate service, despite already having one – NOAA. It is all based upon the global warming consensus hoax, the terminology politically corrected as climate change in the descriptive terminology. This idea originated during President GW Bush’s administration. Of course, that administration didn’t initiate an additional arm of Big Government on the basis of that abstract.
Here is a sample of what is written at the new agency’s website, written by Cheryl Pellerin, science writer:
Around the planet, sea level is rising, sea surfaces are warming, ecosystems are changing, glaciers and permafrost are melting, extreme drought is increasing and seawater is becoming more acidic. [I] These are the early signs of climate-change effects that could continue for the next 1,000 years, according to a January 26 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) study, and that already affect communities and their farmers, coastal managers, fisheries, emergency responders, water services, air quality and environment. Today, in the United States and worldwide, there is no official source for the kind of authoritative, accessible and timely climate information that communities and regions will need to understand, mitigate and adapt over time to climate variability and change. If established, a U.S. National Climate Service might provide such products and services. Representatives from a range of federal agencies have come together over the years to debate the mission, scope and leadership of such a service.
What products and services?
Who’s paying for these unlisted products and services?
According to this government source (Cheryl Pellerin) – the head honcho behind this is Thomas Armstrong, senior adviser for global change programs. This has more to do with weather than climate. Another person involved is Chet Koblinsky, director of NOAA’s Climate Program:
The idea of a climate service goes back 20 or 30 years.
Yes, back when the alarm was global cooling – another Ice Age looming in the background with scenarios of places like New York City buried in ice and snow. And according to Mr. Koblinsky the NOAA had been planning for a National Climate Service as far back as 1999. He added:
What’s new now is that there’s more certainty about climate change, more sophistication among people who know they’re vulnerable to a changing and variable climate.
In this argument for the NOAA to spend more of taxpayer funding for a newly established sub-agency, Mr. Koblinsky shows visions moving from US national to global. You know what that means – more tax dollars for foreign aid. It is fine and dandy to have an annual World Climate Conference exchanging data and ideas for humanitarian purposes – but not government bureaucracy to be the controlling authority.
Increased technology and learned science can benefit everyone by attempting to warn people of possible or impending natural disasters caused by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters. That is a good thing – it could save lives. But let’s look at Hurricane Katrina: the Bush administration [NOAA] put out a warning to evacuate four days before the hurricane hit - Florida as well as Louisiana. Some people didn’t pay heed or made the decision to ride it out, and by the time the incompetent local and state officials finally decided to do something the school buses earmarked to provide transportation for refugees with no transportation to a safe haven were inaccessible due to flooding waters.
Mr. Koblinsky states that the international community has been very successful. Tell that to the tens of thousands dead (including an estimated couple of thousand of Americans there at the time) and who knows how many more homeless and injured in Haiti from a 7.0 Richter scale earthquake.
Meanwhile, people like those at Media Matters and FactCheck, state that the document evidence from the East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU) have been misrepresented by global-warming skeptics and don’t change [the] scientific consensus on global warming. Isn’t it strange that the same sort of proof has been established about NASA data on the same subject material?
Humans do not need the government to adapt – they have been doing so for millenniums on their own.
Keep Big Government out of our faces – remember how non-transparent, careless with taxpayer funding, etc, that your representatives and senators are when their reelection comes up. It is about time accountability returns to our government and rid ourselves of bureaucrats who think the national and state treasuries are their own personal spending account and the US Constitution is flexible where it can be ignored or construed based upon political climate and ideology.
The US Treasury is not a bottomless pit. 

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[I] No source for this information provided – the author is using consensus instead of factual data.

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  1. Well, now, let's not be too critical here ... would it not be very wonderful for mankind (or at least those of that category that reside in the good ol' US of A) ... if Congress could just pass a law(or laws) that required the furnishing of some definition (temperature, moisture levels, etc. as only Congress could mandate and continuallyu alter in future laws) of "good weather" to make all of we citizens happy??

    It may not be too well-liked by all of the local TV stations since there'd be no more need for those well-coiffed and made up weather-casters on the evening (or other) news - but, hey, that's merely another bit of Congressional legerdemain in modifying unemployment laws for ex-weatherfolk!! Ah, one can see it now - "payments for prognosticators" - and periodically expanded, boosted, and re-defined to boot.

    What a wonderful thing!! Who needs God, after all, when we have an all-manipulative (and all-powerful) Congress???