Friday, February 5, 2010

Graphic: Omniscient Global Cooling Hits Washington, D.C.

omniscient global cooling hits washington d.c.Heavy Snow and Wind Plastering Metro Region  Washington Post, Feb. 5, 2010

The really good news is that so long as Washington, D.C. is buried under a record blanket of snow, Congress and the President will have difficulty implementing legislation that will harm us.  Bring on the glaciers!
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  1. Dumb.

    Increased temperatures cause increase evaporation, which in turn causes increased precipitation, in the winter, this can be snow, in the other seasons, rain.

    A historic snowstorm in the East actually proves global warming.

  2. "reading" provides a perfect testament to the results of progressives' takeover of public education and the dumb-down education system hailed by Democrats and RINOs.

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  4. Erica:
    Go girl! Your such a rebel! :)
    I should have linked a high school science lecture on photosynthesis on behalf of how CO2 helps plants flourish ...
    About a decade ago, scientists were discussing the gradual cooling of Earth's climate - then came Al Gore who saw money to be made within the Green movement and the cap-and-tax scheme, et cetera.
    Climategate saved taxpayers money and reinforced real scientists against the global warming scheme/hoax. Frankly, as I have written before, global warming sounds better than another Ice Age - can't grow food in snow and ice. People better build greenhouses instead of cap-and-trade schemes.