Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obama, Evil or Stupid? Spending America into a Death Spiral

Obama is either stupid or evil.  Either way, his policy ideas are kindling designed to destroy America.

Imagine for a moment that Obama has absolute control of your family checkbook and bank account. How quickly do you think he would bankrupt you, and put all of you in debt into perpetuity? Based on all he has said and done up to now, I believe Obama would happily bankrupt Americans in a nanosecond.

When your family budget is in the red, do you say, "let's add debt to our charge cards to spend our way out of this mess?"  No!  You cut your spending!  I say again, Obama is either stupid or evil.  You decide.

Why did we elect this man to hold the most powerful office in the world?  The American economy cannot sustain this kind of idiocy. 

For those of you who say Obama's dual citizenship with the U.K. doesn't matter with repect to his eligibilty to be President, I say "think again."  It matters now more than ever, and there is a way to constitutionally remove Obama before 2012, but it won't be easy.  How badly do you want this to happen? 

Quo Warranto to Remove Obama from Office.
    Obama Budget Would Impose Host of Tax Increases

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