Thursday, April 19, 2012

What If Barack Obama Had Been Raised By Ann Romney Instead Of Ann Dunham?
By Karin McQuillan
April 19, 2012

What President in his right mind would authorize an attack on any mom as a woman who "never worked a day in her life"?  How could the brilliant campaign strategist Obama shoot himself in the foot when the War on Women was going so well for him?

Ann Romney's oldest son Tagg was baffled why anyone would attack his mom when he was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt about growing up in the Romney home.  Ann stayed home and raised their five sons and now has the joy of 16 grandkids. 

In a word: the White House decision to attack Ann Romney was personal.  To understand it, we need to look at two Anns: Ann Romney, and Obama's mother, Ann Dunham.

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