Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big Government and Big Religion

Jeremiah Wright is back in the news, probably because it is election year and Barack H. Obama wants to reap the benefits of being America's president for another four years, just as Reverend Wright reaped the benefits of making a living in the name of religion with racism his theme.

The following YouTube video shows a FOX News report on just how well off the retiring reverend is doing, hypocrisy considering he has preached against the wealthy, especially the “White” wealthy, a part of Americans who keep the flame of racial hatred burning despite great leaps of civil rights and equal liberties in a nation that still, in the 21st century, must judge people by skin pigmentation – on both sides of the racial fence. If oppression was like what Reverend Wright tells people, he would never last long with sermons like depicted in the following video:

In 2008 Jeremiah Wright revealed to the public is theme of hate that has been interlaced into his weekly sermons at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago and until Reverend Wright embarrassed the presidential candidate with the truth, Obama bragged that Reverend Wright was his minister for 20 years and his “mentor” concerning “Christianity”. But, as history reveals, this did not deter American voters to put him in office – reinforcing the belief that Barack H. Obama, alias Barry Soetoro, was elected in office not for his qualifications, but because of race. The wording in the Wikipedia entry about Reverend Wright's church states “predominately” African-American – when in fact it IS an African American Church. Why would anyone not “Black” attend that church with its racial themes?
In a recent news report, has stated that the United States caused the tragedy of September 11th, 2001 because of its own brand of “terrorism”. And in light of the racist movement of Wright and his church in his usual anti-Israel and anti-Semitic tone at the Dora Conference in Qatar, siding with the racist Palestinians called March to Jerusalem, calling it “occupied Jerusalem” and with no reactions or comments coming from the White House. It clearly shows how the president stands on division of America because of race with his recent ridiculous comments concerning one teenager killed, Trayvon Martin, ignoring the fact that teenagers are killed weekly because of gangs and drugs in urban communities; as well as ignoring racism coming from the church he and his family attended for twenty years. It is sensationalism and political rhetoric coming from life-long racists who have no intention of peace between people of different races. Even the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, who stated that people should be judged by their character, not the pigmentation of their skin; criticized the use of the “race card”, which includes the person now in the Oval Office.
A President of the United States is a president representing ALL Americans. Presidential candidates should not be judged by their race, creed, or color or even religion; however, they should not be elected for those reasons either. Barack Hussein Obama is an example.
AlterNet, the leftist blog, of course, blames the “right-wing media”. The publishers of that blog are living in an altered state of mind, as usual.
Reverend Wright accused the Jews as being the reason for his loss of influence over Obama, stating:

Them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me. I told my baby daughter, that he'll talk to me in five years when he's a lame duck, or in eight years when he's out of office.
Reverend Wright is not a good example of public school education in the way he butchers the English language; and is completely ignorant or just plain ignores the fact that Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ, the reason why Christians got their descriptive name, was a Jew. In addition, Jerusalem has been the holy city of Jews and Christians like Mecca is to the Muslims.
Barack H. Obama has consistently denied ever hearing racist sermons from Reverend Wright, the latter revealing that the major news agencies paid for a copy of his sermons during the twenty-year period when Obama and family attended that church revealed differently.
And still Americans voted for him after that revelation in 2008, his association with criminal element and socialist agitators, radical socialist “community organizer” Alinsky, a former member of the American terrorist organization called the Weather Underground, and backed by Chicago's corrupt political machine.
With that background and Obama's presidential record, his approval rating should be lower than ten percent. But it is not. And that is more disturbing to me than the pretender presently sitting in the White House.
Christianity has brought itself into the discussion this year in the presidential campaign, more often than necessary.
In an op-ed, Ross Douthat claims that religion has never been separated in America from politics. However, when clergymen like Reverend Wright insert themselves into politics – it brings religion into politics.

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