Friday, April 13, 2012

AGU: An Open Letter to Coco Lederhosen (@conor64)

Dear Mr. Lederhosen,

Your readers trust you. For all their cynicism about politics, they believe that you're different: not just another Venice Beach know-it-all with odd Bohemian ideas and a commitment to misinforming regular Americans. You've used that trust to ask homemakers, retirees and small businessmen and women to believe the obsessive nonsense and Obama propaganda you write.

Last summer when The Undefeated opened you deliberately misinformed your readers with an article about the film opening to empty theaters.


On a per screen basis citizen activism helped The Undefeated hold it’s own against Harry Potter, The Transformers, and Winnie the Pooh.

Even the Los Angeles Times was so impressed by the ability to use practically no marketing money, they conceded:

This is a new model that is going to benefit the entire entertainment industry and audiences who want to see unique products

But this isn't how you informed your trusted readers.

You wrote an article bragging that you spent the evening peeping on two teenagers making out in the back of an empty theater.

Only at the very end of your article did you inform your readers that this was a special midnight showing of the film prior to opening day.

Sure, you've written slightly true articles in the past. But you deliberately continue to misinfom your trusted readers with half truths, distortions, and intentional perversions of reality.

Why would any reader trust you as a steward of honest information again?

Every single SarahPAC video is 100% related to fresh ideas and issue's.

These fresh ideas and issue's have inspired thousands of Americans to get involved in the political process and bring about real change.

In the 2010 election cycle alone concerned citizen actvists inspired by Sarah Palin and the efforts of SarahPAC brought victory to over 67% of Governor Palin's endorsed candidates.

Some of these include: 1 Secretary of State, 2 Attorney's General, 6 Senators, 7 Governors, and 37 House Representatives.

Thats real change and that is why ordinary every day Americans are inspired by and donate to SarahPAC.

You lied to your readers by telling them that Sarah Palin went to Disney World on the donors dime. Failing to mention that Governor Palin was at the resort raising in excess of $900K for the Florida GOP (pretty impressive in a non election year) is misleading, dishonest, and deceptive to your readers.

FYI: with only $967.34 for lodging, that is a 1000% return on investment.

That is the truth. But you don't seem to care about truth when it comes to your readers.

Did you think you'd get away with this just because the liberal media is curiously silent when unpopular movement writers shamelessly fleece the rank and file?

For the sake of your readers, please do not reply in writing.


Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United

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