Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bill Ayers' Vietnam Memories May Account For Obama's Claim To Have Eaten Dog Meat

By Jack Cashill
April 25, 2012

It turns out that the president may have taken an unnecessary hit with the revelation last week that the “Barack Obama” character in “Dreams from My Father,” his alleged memoir, ate dogs.

As explained in “Dreams,” Obama’s Muslim stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, introduced Obama to “dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy).”

Obama defenders quickly countered by insisting, accurately it seems, that Muslims don’t eat dogs. Apparently, Muhammad “prohibited eating (the meat of) every taloned bird and every predatory animal possessing canine teeth.” This, of course, would include dogs.

Among other pundits, John Hinderaker of Powerline offered the one synthesis that makes sense of these two competing ideas: “So Obama’s claim in his autobiography that he ate dog in Indonesia may well be false – an error introduced by Bill Ayers or whoever actually wrote Obama’s autobiography.”

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