Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All 2008 Archives Have Disappeared From Jefferson's Rebels Blog

Note to conservative bloggers.  If you're using Blogger, check your archives to see if postings have disappeared from your site.

Yesterday I attempted to search my site for an image used in 2008.  Much to my surprise, I noticed that everything published in 2008 has completely disappeared from my website.

I started Jefferson's Rebels in late 2007. Postings from 2007 are still archived, as is everything from 2009 through today, but all 2008 articles have evaporated into thin air.

2008 was an election year, and as I had many reasons to be concerned about Obama's candidacy, I published a lot of material regarding his background and discussed issues regarding his eligibility.

It is worth remembering that Google employees donate to, are linked to, and some are even employed by, the Obama administration.  Secondly, Google owns Blogger.  Is there a concerted effort to delete history from conservative challengers' sites?

I've posted a query in Google groups, but so far no one has attempted to answer my question.  If anyone else has had a similar experience, I'd love to hear from you.  Is my blog a lone exception with a logical answer to the problem, or is an unnoticed trend taking place?

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