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AGU: Your Candidates Are Winning!

In February American Grizzlies United debuted the AGU: 2012 Primary Candidates list. We are very proud of all the candidates. Bold patriots willing to put it all on the line for our country is part of what makes America great. Because of your help, and your citizen activism, many of these brave patriots have been victorious. Because of you they are now your common sense, Constitutional, conservative nominees. Here are a few success stories of your courageous candidates who won their primaries and will march on to the General Election in November.

On Saturday April 21, 2012; Mia B Love won the GOP primary for Utah-4 United States House Representative. From Mia's Campaign Website: In November 2011, Mia Love filed to run for Utah’s newly formed 4th Congressional District based on her demonstrated leadership on conservative principles. She credits her parents with providing the foundation for her ideals. After many years of living in the unstable, regime-torn socialist island country of Haiti, her parents immigrated legally to the United States with $10 in their pockets in hopes of achieving the American Dream... Mia graduated from the University of Hartford with a degree in fine arts. She found faith. Then she found Jason. And then she found herself in Utah ready to give back. Mia served two terms on the city council of Saratoga Springs, one of Utah’s fastest growing cities. As City Councilwoman and eventually Mayor, Mia led the city through a period of 1700% population growth in a decade. Under her leadership, the city was able to successfully navigate the drastic transition from agricultural fields to a booming residential community. When the citizen growth necessitated fire and police services, Mia fought to make sure the city’s first ever residential tax implementation would only pay for those essential services, and she structured it in such a way that the tax decreased as a percentage of property value...

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Earlier this month Ken Timmerman won his GOP primary for Maryland-8 United States House Representative. From Ken's Campaign Website: For those who haven’t yet met Ken, he and his wife Christina are long-time residents of Kensington, Maryland. All of their five children have attended Maryland public schools or universities. Timmerman is a recognized authority on defense and intelligence issues who has testified as an expert witness in terrorism trials in U.S. federal courts and before Congress... But the Kensington conservative has also been a strong advocate for Maryland citizens as head of the Maryland Taxpayers Association where he urged the adoption -- back in 2000 -- of a Return-the-Surplus-Amendment. His was a pioneering effort to forestall today’s Annapolis spending disaster. Ken also was at the forefront of the Divest Terror movement to prevent Maryland pension funds from being invested in companies doing business with terrorists. His books (see them here) range from exposing Jesse Jackson to a thriller on today’s persecuted Christians of Iraq...

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On April 03, 2012; Dan Bongino won the Maryland GOP primary for United States Senator. From Dan's Campaign Website: Daniel has both the academic and real world experience to immediately lead in these difficult times. His extensive studies in Psychology and Economics combined with his real world experiences in the inner cities of Baltimore and New York City give him a unique perspective regarding the problems of the citizens of Maryland. Daniel believes in real answers and straight talk and plans to challenge the political establishment directly on the important issues of the day.

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Last month, 35 year old, Josh Mandel reported for duty and won the Ohio GOP primary for United States Senator. From Josh's Campaign Website: Josh Mandel is the 48th Treasurer of the State of Ohio, having been elected as the top vote-getter of all statewide executive candidates, winning 80 of Ohio's 88 counties. Treasurer Mandel is a Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Iraq and served as State Representative from the 17th Ohio House District. He was first elected State Representative in 2006, knocking on 19,679 doors and wearing out three pairs of shoes. In 2008 he was re-elected to a second term, representing a district with a 2:1 Democrat to Republican voter ratio. Treasurer Mandel has a record of advancing the free enterprise system, advocating for limited government, and standing up to bureaucrats who treat businesses as if they're "guilty until proven innocent"... Treasurer Mandel's previous elected experience includes service as a Lyndhurst City Councilman, where he was elected in 2003 with more votes than any candidate for Council or Mayor. As Councilman, Josh introduced and led the fight for the first municipal property tax rollback in Lyndhurst history, which currently remains one of the only municipal property tax rollbacks in Ohio history. Inspired by a strong sense of duty to country, Treasurer Mandel enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves in 2000, where he graduated first in his class from Marine Corps Boot Camp and first in his class from Marine Corps Intelligence School. His Marine Corps career spanned eight years, including two tours in Anbar Province, Iraq. During both tours he was awarded the Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal for "superior performance of his duties"...

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The common sense, Constitutional, conservative nominees above won their primaries because of you. It was you who answered the call. You knocked on doors, you walked precincts, you worked phone banks, you waved signs, you got the message out to voters that there is an alternative to Obama's arrogant power grabs against our founders intent.

These nominees still need your help.

It will be you who gets these patriots elected along with other like minded conservative candidates.

We still have many races coming up in the next few months where your help is needed. Please check out our AGU 2012 Primary Candidates List and see which candidates you feel moved to help.

The restoration of our founding principles must happen at all levels of government. In November we need to seize the Senate, and retain the House to ensure that the next President has a congress of common sense, Constitutional conservatives who put country first.

Please join our cause.

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Our work continues...

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