Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Does King Obama Know Of Sacrifice?

By Christopher Chantrill
August 9, 2011

No doubt the White House is busy coming up with action plans for getting the president back on track for reelection.  Hey, fellas, how about an infrastructure bank?

The staffers are just doing their job, keeping up morale after the debt-ceiling defeat and the debt-rating defeat.  Not to mention that the improvement in unemployment rate from 9.2 to 9.1 percent came from a drop in the labor force of 193,000 and a smaller drop of 83,000 in the employed in the BLS Household Survey.  In a robust recovery, the unemployment rate might right now be going up as discouraged workers swarm back into the labor force looking for jobs.  But not in the Summer of Recovery, Year Three.
Let's step back a bit, and think about the very nature of kingship, and what a king or president should do when his plans have come to naught and his people are still in peril.  The answer that comes down to us from the ancients is that the king must sacrifice himself and his political power for the good of the people.

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