Sunday, August 28, 2011

Video: Wisconsin Catholic Preparatory School Picketed & Vandalized By Unions

When you watch this video, take note of the posters with the clenched fist, an iconic symbol used by communists and socialists.

By Ed Morrissey
August 27, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker visited Messmer Preparatory Catholic School yesterday, while the school repaired the first vandalism that had occurred at the facility in eleven years of operation.  While Walker read Dr. Seuss to the grade-school children inside, unions protested the visit and the school outside.  Want to guess which group was more well-behaved?  Actually, you don’t have to guess.  The MacIver Institute shot video of the protest and the visit and then interviewed Messmer’s President, Brother Bob Smith.  We see childishness, petulance, and bullying — and then we see Messmer’s students (via Wisconsin Reporter):

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