Thursday, August 4, 2011

Remember the Alamo: Dems Plan To Work Behind The Scenes To Push Texans To Support Ron Paul As A Third-Party Candidate

America's doom will be sealed if Texans are lured by a surreptitious siren's song, and push Ron Paul to run as a third-party candidate. Ron Paul is a good man, but please don't succumb to this temptation.

By Douglas MacKinnon
Investor's Business Daily
August 23, 2011
I spoke recently with a senior Democrat strategist who offered up a quite logical and incredibly frightening scenario for those who are desperate to vote Barack Obama out of office in 2012.

His theory goes like this: That the Obama White House and the Obama re-election team are going to work overtime behind the scenes to push enough of Texas Republican Ron Paul's "libertarian" buttons to eventually have him declare as a third-party candidate.

This strategist believes that as unemployment continues to remain above 9%, as the president's poll numbers continue to slide, and as more and more of the American people are finally awakening to the self-destructive ways of Washington, that a "libertarian" third-party candidate running in 2012 may be the only thing that could save Obama in 2012.

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