Wednesday, August 17, 2011

O4P-CA: Sarah Palin's Presidential Toes & Why They Matter

Today Ariana Huff N Puff's news site wrote an entire story about Sarah Palin's feet. Seriously, not kidding. Isn't it interesting that Sarah Palin's (fabulous) toe nail polish is getting more coverage than all the other GOP Presidential hopefuls combined.

I know...I know...I know...This is NOT Presidential...Well, actually it is. Let me tell you why. Remember when Osama bin Laden was caught? For weeks all we heard in the news cycle was: "Obama got Osama!" We were lectured endlessly by the LSM about how gutsy Obama was and how this proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Barack Obama is an effective and patriotic leader (even though he is on record as being against ((to the point of threatening the CIA )) every single tactic used to complete the mission).

Imagine being in the middle of the 2012 Presidential race and the Obama supporting media hijacks entire new's cycle's to give Obama credit for something he had nothing to do with. You know they will (over and over again) Can Romney, Perry, Bachmann, Santorum, Paul, Christie, Huntsman, or Gingrich snatch that news cycle right back and force the narrative back to the 2012 debate of our lifetime?

Sarah Palin can.

Only Sarah Palin has the media power to not allow the LSM to pick the president again.

In 2012 the LSM, Hollywood, the left, and the GOP Establishment will go into full assault to re-elect Barack Obama. Any candidate other than Sarah Palin will not get the message of a smaller, smarter government to the electorate. Their message will be drowned out by endless Obama praise, and a sugar coated re-vision of the last three years.

There is a reason Sarah Palin is so viciously attacked by those who prefer Big Government and Establishment rule. She is the only person besides Barack Obama with the media pull to sway an election.

Watchout LSM, those presidential toes are going inside some boots on the ground to get America back on track.

Palin or Bust!

Thomas S Schmitz

Organize4Palin (O4P) California State Coordinator

Follow me on Twitter: @ThomasSSchmitz


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