Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Constitution and a Cornfield

The Constitution and A Cornfield

Rob Cunningham

August 23, 2011

In 1789, the world witnessed the ratification of America’s Constitution, thus

ushering in the birth of a nation envisioned and framed by centuries of human

wisdom, political insights, thousands of failed governmental experiments, and

steeped in principles almost exclusively based on Judeo-Christian teachings.

In the 222 years since our Constitution was ratified, there is no doubt that

our country’s birth has proven to be the most successful experiment in human


No other nation has ever produced a greater amount of positive global change,

international generosity, economic prosperity, scientific advancements, or a

stronger defense of personal liberties and religious freedoms. None has come


It would be impossible to overstate the global human disaster certain to follow

in the aftermath of America’s demise. As we learned in basic science, nature

abhors a vacuum, and vacuums are immediately filled with a surrounding

substance. Given the heightened levels of virulent, anti-American, secular-

progressive and global-government thinking so pervasive in today’s “ruling

class” culture, this destructive world view would most likely be the “surrounding

substance” to fill the space previously occupied by America’s moral

leadership. As surely as night follows day, America’s collapse would usher in

global economic chaos and a worldwide cultural disaster. 

America, as a nation, stands at death’s door. Only radical, bold, and morally

courageous leadership can prevent our country’s ultimate demise. We must

concur with the wisdom of French philosopher, Alexis De Toquevuille, when

he observed, “America is great because America is good.” Yes, America may

slip and lose its way from time to time, but never has our core national spirit

required a “fundamental transformation” of the type envisioned by the Obama


We must choose bold restoration or suffer a certain, immediate demise. Precious

little time remains to make this fateful decision. Often, when nations or individuals

stumble, they need most what they desire least. Thankfully for America, many

millions of independent voters, Tea Party patriots, common sense conservatives,

and sovereign citizens are fully aware of the measures needed to restore our fallen

country. We stand ready, eager, and willing to do the hard work necessary to elect

true leaders, and to make the many sacrifices required to save our beloved nation

for future generations.

Normally, it is only through the lens of time that one can appreciate events of

true historical importance. It is extremely rare to be alive during a significant

inflection point in human history, especially one that future generations may

reflect upon and study for possibly thousands of years into the future. We may

have an opportunity to witness - and to participate in - one of those pivotal

inflection points.

On Saturday, September 3rd, in Indianola, Iowa, I believe that a significant and

historically fateful event will occur in this small town near Des Moines. Governor

Sarah Palin will likely deliver a speech in which the 2012 election battle lines will

be clearly drawn for every friend and foe to hear.

No other presidential candidate has offered, or is likely to offer, such clear,

specific, and bold measures to the American people as I expect Sarah Palin

will offer on this day. Her speech will likely prove to be refreshing, inspiring,

invigorating and so historic in nature, it may be impossible to calculate its

significance until many years have passed.
 The epic struggle for America’s very

survival will be engaged on this day, and our world will never be the same.

With every ounce of passion and personal conviction in my soul, I implore each

and every person that feels called to volunteer in defense of our beloved nation,

to make your reservations for Indianola, Iowa, today. You have been officially

notified of the rare, once in a lifetime, historical significance of this Labor Day

weekend event. Please do not write to me or complain to any Organize4Palin

group with, “Someone should have told me!” or “Why didn’t you really bang the

table harder to convince me to attend?”

If you can’t make the journey to Iowa, please note that CSPAN will be covering

this event from beginning to end, from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm EST. Mark your

calendars, set your DVRs, host a viewing party and tell your friends, family,

neighbors and co-workers. If you happen to live in Iowa, there should be no

reason, no excuse, no football game, party or precious few priorities that trump

the significance of attending this historic event in your own backyard.

For complete details regarding this event, visit www.Volunteering4Palin.com.

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