Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who's Giving Aid and Comfort to America's Enemies?

Cartoon by Erin Bonsteel

Views from the left --
What’s Our Line?
January 4, 2010

Legal opinion --
Enemy Combatants
William J. Haynes, General Counsel of the Department of Defense
Council on Foreign Relations
December 12, 2002

The consequences of handling terrorists the wrong way --
The Ramzi Yousef Standard
The Wall Street Journal
January 6, 2010

Reference: Bill of Rights (Remember: this was written to protect U.S. citizens)

Since our government has now afforded enemy combatant, Abdulmutallab, the non-citizen underwear bomber, with the same rights as American citizens, one wonders whether the Department of Justice's very timely issuance of a memorandum, Guidance for Prosecutors Regarding Criminal Discovery, will help the defendant or American citizens more. Perhaps a conservative legal scholar will offer us an opinion on the content of this memorandum.

The left's worldview!

So, at what point will our leadership and the media ask the ultimate question, "Are we there yet?"

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